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Life Lately

1. Just finished the series of I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려). It was pretty good though with many things about law and not only lovey-dovey things. I used to think Lee Jong Suk was not that handsome, but now I realized he's pretty cute :))
2. Been busy dealing with job searching, interview invitations, future plannings and things that have something to do with my future. It was pretty exciting even though it made me feel nervous as well. Hope everything will be pretty smooth.
3. There was the time where I doubted about what will happen in my life next, but a very good friend sent me some words that have given me strength and reminded me that God has prepared everything for me and all I got to do were just wait patiently and do my best. Thank you :')
4. Been studying on driving and last Thursday, I just obtained my driving license. I am still in process of learning though. Gotta practice even more so that the engine no longer be off while I was driving it LOL.
5. Many good things have been happening since the beginning of the month and I am thanking God for every single of it. I am nothing but feeling blessed :)
6. Current favorite TV shows : The Voice of China Season 2 (Zhejiang TV, Friday 21.10 Beijing local time), my favorite was 李琦 and 2011 Junior Masterchef Australia Season 2 that I usually watched while doing the ironing LOL (AXN, Mon-Fri 16.00 Jakarta local time).
7. Been stuck at level 147 on Candy Crush. For weeks.

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