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2011 Xi'an Trip Photo Diary

This is a post about my past trip to Xi'an several years ago that I haven't been posting to the blog. It was one of my most memorable trip I have ever had while I was in China back then. Xi'an (used to be Chang An) holds one of Chinese oldest culture and it has been very popular internationally, due to its Terracotta Army and Warriors, which was also the main reason I really wanted to pay this city a visit.

I was going on a school trip with my schoolmates. The trip took 2-3 hours by plane from Guangzhou to Xi'an if I was not mistaken. The first place we visited was the 农民画博物馆 (Peasant Paintings Museum). The master there also demonstrated live to us how the painting was done. After that we went to the city and stopped at some river and city gate which I didn't think as interesting or such LOL.

Not only culture, Xi'An is also rich for its historical places. Those pictures above were taken at 杨家岭 (Yang Jia Ling). This place were the place where Maozedong and Zhouenlai have spent some time in, but since I didn't pay too much attention on the tour guide, I don't really know what they did there LOLOLOL. All I did was take pictures here, take pictures there #TouristWithGuidesFirstWorldProblem :))

We also visited 西安古城墙 (Xi'an City Wall). This wall was built within 1378-1379 (due to my research LOL) and has hold more than 600 years of history. Still standing tall and strong. (That is why you don't underestimate Chinese) :))

华山(Mount Hua) was one of China's Five Famous Mountains, around 120 km away from the city of Xi'an. The mountain was so big that I didn't manage to explore all of it (who can? LOL) but I wasn't exploring much since I was too lazy to do so while some of the tour mates were really excited to hike. I was kind of regretting though for not going and hike for more.

THIS WAS THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE TRIP. I have been dreaming to see these things with my own eyes and there I was! All the tour mates were really excited when we reached 秦始皇兵马俑博物馆 (Terracotta Warriors Museum). It really felt so different seeing it by yourself than on the pictures or TV. They seemed so REAL. I really was amazed by how cool it was and how crazy it was that this was made thousands years ago.

Aside of those places above I have also visited many other places in Xi'an, like 华清池 (Hua Qing Chi), 回民街 (Hui Min Jie, a night market where Xi'an Muslims mostly stay), and some other museums I forgot. To be honest, the place that attracted me most was only the Terracotta Warriors Museum, but even so, I could say that Xi'an has to be on your to-visit list if you're traveling to China, it will be one amazing experience for you I could guarantee. But one thing to note, the food here was not really good, we ate plain Mantou and vegetables like everyday and every time, days and nights. Preparing some side dish or chili sauce would be wise, I guess.

So that was some cuts of my adventure (?) in Xi'an. I hope you guys enjoy it and don't forget to visit the city someday or you'll regret it LOL. Take care guys, see you in next posts.

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