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Happy Weekend

Those above are just some of the "deliciousness" I have tasted this week. So thankful for this week and also for the October that is almost at its end. These are things that made my week. What are yours?

1. Randomly craved for a movie with caramel popcorn and iced lemon tea and it was granted. Randomly craved for JCO and some friend unexpectedly bought me those. I am one happy kiddo :))
2. Finally some new songs on the playlist. It has been almost ages since I last updated my song lists. 
3. Chats, video calls and voice calls with good old friends. It is really good to catch up with the people. Oh ya, unexpectedly bumped to a friend whom I haven't seen in almost three years (seriously, Central Park mall is the place where the possibility of bumping to old friends is highest LOL).
4. Watched many movies at the cinema. Captain Phillips is highly recommended!
5. Ate many new and good food. My tummy is happy too :))
6. Having friends who are really good to me. I can't ask for any ones better.

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