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I Knew I Am Loved

I know this may sound narcissistic and also overrated and you'd probably gonna think "Sas, it was just a coincidence". But I really need to brag and share about how I was loved my my GOD.

The story goes like this. I was supposed to go to church with my cousin to his church this Sunday because I haven't really known where I am going to go to church since I was new in my living place here, in Kelapa Gading. But my cousin unexpectedly said yesterday that he couldn't go with me to the church. I was thinking like, "Okay, maybe I'll skip going to church this Sunday". I actually did really want to go to church though.

I thought a lot and finally had a decision that I had to go to church. But that made me have to walk to a church not too far from where I lived, around 15-20 minutes walk I guess. I am not a person who mind walking though. I am used to it since I was in Guangzhou. But what made me hate walking in Indonesia is there usually will be some guys from the streets who called "amoy" at small-eyed person like me (boo racist) and I really hate that.

I made my decision. No matter what, I'll have to walk my way to the church. Before closing my room's door, I prayed to God in my heart and said "Lord, I am on my way to meet you. Please be with me that I'll reach the church safely". I wore my jacket, put my glasses on, and also a mask (LOL) so people won't recognize me (in hope that I'll simply be "invisible" from those abang-abang LOLOL) and I started to walk.

Little did I know, when I exited to the main street, I was super shocked that the street was freed from the car. IT WAS ACTUALLY A CAR FREE DAY. Suddenly I realized there was a very big smile on my face and what I did next was, taking off my mask and taking big steps with a big smile to the church. Never thought that my Daddy would actually empty a street just for me to go to church LOL.

The walk only took me less than 10 minutes. 

Those weren't all. I was afraid that when I go to church, a new comer like me will have the awkward situation where I know nobody and nobody knows me. But thank God, I was really welcomed by the people there and I met so many new friends and had lunch together. Tuhan, kok baik banget sih sama sayaaaaaa :))

However, as it is written : "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived" - the things God has prepared for those who love Him 
- 1 Corinthians 2:9 -

THANK YOU PAPA!! I didn't deserve all this loving but I knew that You are always there with me. Thank you for always surprising me with all the blessings I never thought I'd get and thank You for being my greatest Daddy. #blessed #loved #thankful #grateful :))

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