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Rubiks Cube? Disco Ball? You Decide

I swear they look so much better in real life LOL. When nails are actually captured, even the smallest flaw became really visible. Even though these look pretty messy in the picture, but I really liked how they turned out to be. This nail art is inspired by this tutorial on Youtube, but since I think the video is quite long so I decided to make the simple version of the tutorial, well at least this is my version on how I did them.

What I did were just basically started with a base coated nail, painted verticals and horizontal white lines as a guide for the squares, then started to paint the squares one by one with different colors, using my nail art brush. Super easy, it's just some extra patience that we needed. By the way the nail polish I used for the non-accent nails was Russian Navy from O.P.I

Maldive's Floral + Houndstooth

Super loving the Maldive's Blue nail polish from Skin Food that belongs to Ci Fanny. I spent last weekend with her and so did we do some pretty nail arts with the new polish. The blue used to be darker but once we put top coat, it suddenly turned softer and I really love the final look. This nail art is actually pretty similar with the one I did here, but of course with some "modification".

Also did some houndstooth prints on Ci Fanny. It wasn't my first go on houndstooh though. I have once done that before and planned to do one again later. Guess I'll come up with the pictorial the next time I rock the houndstooth nails :))

You'll Never Know What You'd Get Until You Really Get It

Yesterday was really great. Beyond great. Spent the day with my colleagues on an outing activity along with all the bosses at Talaga Cikeas. It was really fun because we got to know more and talk more to some of the people at the office that we usually see but never really talk to. 

Again, my Father never fails to surprise me. There was a door prize where they randomly picked out some names and giving out prizes. There was some prizes that I wanted to get like some water bottles (LOL) and I thought if I was lucky enough, an iron #NasibAnakKos :)) I remembered the night before the day I was dreaming that my teeth were falling out (such a creepy dream zzz) but does it really have things to do with what I earned yesterday? LOL

Tadaaaaaaa that was it. A FREAKING SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3!! All my life I've never even once won any prizes like these. My family believed that us five did not belong to the species of lucky-people-who-can-win-door-prizes-or-things-like-that. My Mom used to say that our heads weren't "sharp" enough (LOL!). But again, who'd have known, right?

I didn't post this to brag about how lucky I was or how I was really proud of myself for "winning" this. What I wanted was only to share about my happiness and also to remind me on my later days about how lucky blessed I am. In my head I kept singing one part of Westlife's song's lyrics which was "Angel's Wings". You guys know that song, right?

And I often wonder why someone as flawed as I deserves to be as happy as YOU make me.

I Don't Know How To Call This

Saw some nail designs on the internet and decided to copy one. However, mine turned out not as good as what I saw on the internet LOL. Still, I think they deserve some space on the blog. Used makeup sponge to make those color "effect". Guess I'm gonna keep them for a few days before removing them.

I Promise Myself I Should Stop After This

I have been eating too much. Did I say TOO MUCH already? I am sorry to my tummy but more sorry to my wallet. It has been crying a lot on this last weekend LOL. Please bear with me, will you all? On Sunday, me, Ci Felly, Ci Meycia and Ci Fanny went to Little Sheep (小肥羊) to have our buffet. Yes, buffet it is. 

Look at the amount of herbs and spices (?) they used. It was really a pleasure for me eating there. But the best part was still the meat buffet LOL. The buffet was only for the meat and it costs IDR 139,000 per person and each of us spent IDR 180,000 at the end (included drinks, rice and tax). I would suggest you to drink ice tea or sweet ice tea, since they are refillable. By the way, we ate around 12 plates of meat yesterday. I regret nothing. Well, maybe I do.

But really, what is good food without decent dessert, don't you agree? After Little Sheep, we headed to Grand Indonesia Shopping Center and I finally had my Magnum Cafe experience! Did I say I was sorry to my tummy already? Well, apparently I was not sorry enough.

It was the three of us and we decided to share the desserts. We ordered The Grand Gaufre - IDR 59,000 and De Velvet Seduction - IDR 55,000. I also went with Peppermint Tea - IDR 20,000 as a friend to my dessert. What can I say? I LOVE THE RED VELVET. It was actually my first experience on red velvet cake and I can say I really liked it. I wouldn't recommend the other one though. It was just like some ordinary magnum bars with some waffle wafer, not worth the price at all. I'll definitely love to visit Magnum Cafe again and try other menus.

At night, we went to Gandy to have some steak with some friends and new friends. It was actually the celebration of some friends, Jeffry and William's birthday. Happy birthday, twins! 

Photo by Ci Meycia.

Ryo Tei Ramen - Kelapa Gading

This review that I read was really tempting so me and a few friends decided to give it a try. The place was pretty hard to find, even though I actually lived at Kelapa Gading but it still confused me in finding the location (forgiven cause I am new here LOL). 

These were (from top to bottom) : Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (ramen in salt flavored soup with roast pork, shallots and sesame seeds) - IDR 40,000, Gyokai Tonkotsu Ramen (ramen in fish and pork stock soup with roast pork, egg and shallots) - IDR 53,000 and Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (ramen in soy sauce flavoured soup with roast pork, nori, egg and shallots - IDR 45,000.

Mine was the Shoyu one. I did try all the different types of the broth and I actually still like my Shoyu one more. The Gyokai Tonkotsu Ramen does not really suite my appetite. But I really think the ramen itself needs some works on it. We all agreed that it tasted more like bakmi than ramen LOL. I wouldn't go here for a second time, though. But hey everyone has their own liking, right? Maybe you're gonna like them. Who knows.

After ramen, we went for a movie and at night, of course headed for some dinner. This time I was at my first time on Iga Penyet at Warung Tekko. I actually like them. Definitely yes for a next time. #EmangDasarLidahIndoMauGimanaLagi :))

Seorae Korean BBQ

What do you think about that meat flipping? LOL. So this is a story about me going to a Korean BBQ place located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. I was going after my Friday work shift, picked up by Ci Fanny and Ci Meycia later joining us.

What we ordered were a set of Samgyeopsal that had three different types of seasoning, another type of meat that I forgot the name and also some Tteokbokki. The Tteokbokki does not look too attempting, does it? But it actually tasted not bad, though. The meat taste good also, but not that special to me.

We spent IDR 105,000 per person for those menus, including drinks and tax. The restaurant also had this kind of promotion where when you follow and mention them (@seoraeID) on Twitter, show it to the waiter/waitress, then you'll get a cup of free drinks. Lumayan!

After Seorae, we headed to the next stop, not too far from Seorae, it was Locale24 Diner. The restaurant outdoor viewing was really unique because the main door and settings was set up like a vintage bus. Didn't manage to take photos though for it was raining.

We just ordered drinks and this appetizer platter for we already almost full, so no room for too-heavy-meal. This one tasted okay but too oily, the meat is somehow alot. I like the orange juice though. But I really think that they had too few food on the menu. It would be good if they're adding some more into the menu.

That was my Friday night dinner story. Be prepared because I really had so much more food that will come to the blog after this LOL.

Party On My Nails

These are what's currently on my nails. Borrowed Ci Fanny's Missha nail polish because I really love how it looked like some party confetti. Matched it with my sky blue Face Shop polish and glad that they looked good on each other. I really did great job while applying the base blue color polish, neater than ever! What I hate : the mess I made on putting on the top coat.