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You'll Never Know What You'd Get Until You Really Get It

Yesterday was really great. Beyond great. Spent the day with my colleagues on an outing activity along with all the bosses at Talaga Cikeas. It was really fun because we got to know more and talk more to some of the people at the office that we usually see but never really talk to. 

Again, my Father never fails to surprise me. There was a door prize where they randomly picked out some names and giving out prizes. There was some prizes that I wanted to get like some water bottles (LOL) and I thought if I was lucky enough, an iron #NasibAnakKos :)) I remembered the night before the day I was dreaming that my teeth were falling out (such a creepy dream zzz) but does it really have things to do with what I earned yesterday? LOL

Tadaaaaaaa that was it. A FREAKING SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3!! All my life I've never even once won any prizes like these. My family believed that us five did not belong to the species of lucky-people-who-can-win-door-prizes-or-things-like-that. My Mom used to say that our heads weren't "sharp" enough (LOL!). But again, who'd have known, right?

I didn't post this to brag about how lucky I was or how I was really proud of myself for "winning" this. What I wanted was only to share about my happiness and also to remind me on my later days about how lucky blessed I am. In my head I kept singing one part of Westlife's song's lyrics which was "Angel's Wings". You guys know that song, right?

And I often wonder why someone as flawed as I deserves to be as happy as YOU make me.

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