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I'd Go 2.5 Hours For You

Can you believe that I'd have to take 2.5 hours trip just to go to church? LOL I guess that's how people spend their time living in Jakarta #TuaDiJalan :)) But I was really happy, not only because being able to go to church, but also because I could go there with some good friends.

Pancious has been one of my most favorite restaurants, their meatballs spaghetti is to die for. I'll definitely be faithful to it. Never go for other pasta since the very first time I tried it. But too much of it will kill my wallet so maybe for once in a while is okay :)) By the way, their pancake was really good, but not with the crepes cake. It was my very first try of the crepes cake, I was expecting but I couldn't even manage to finish it (even for people like me hah). Go try their blueberry pancake.

PS. My hair's mess is starting to kill me #GROAAAARR

When You Realize

How long has it been since the last time I give a thought about my life? It's been quite long since the last time I remembered. It's not that life suddenly gave me too much bad things that let me think that life was a mess and wishing for a better one. I just realized that life just has been... ordinary.

Office from eight to five, spending the rest other time doing this and doing that. I did have fun, though. Days have turned into weeks and weeks to months, but thankfully haven't yet turned to years before I questioned this to myself, what am I actually up to?

I never even realized I was missing this one thing until the day that I talked to a good friend and I know that I've been reminded, by God. It's kinda funny how I thought my life was just fine but I never knew that my soul was missing that something. Now when I come to think about it, the more I think the more I know that I don't want to live my life like this for too long. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong on being ordinary, in my very own opinion. But the case is just I don't want "just" this ordinary. I want more. I need to seek for It and I know I have to. I want to live my life more than just this kind of usual, nothing fancy life. I need to feel more "alive".

It's almost the end of the year, and it's a start of another year again. Just a few days ago, I couldn't think of what things I should write on the resolutions for next year because I thought that again, life has been just fine. But now, not anymore. Suddenly there are so many things that I know I need to pursue at the upcoming year. This is a very good sign, right? I know this must have been God's guidance. They say there is no such thing as coincidence. So, this must have not been one, right? 

As a person who's never out of hope, I wished that this could be something that motivates me to stand up and go, as the oil to light up even bigger fire that burns inside me. WAY TO GO SAS!

Tomorrow will be a different day and shall be a better day, have to be one, to be exact. Guess I'll have to start my "life-changing" moment tomorrow. For now, I guess a good sleep will help after a long yet tiring day. It's the only cure.

By the way, the picture has nothing to do with this post. I just happened to dislike posts without pictures LOL. And, does it feel strange to see me using just two LOL's on my post? #SekaliSekaliBolehDong :))

Have Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

Hey there! How have you all spent your Christmas? After the very pleasant Christmas Eve, on the D-day of Christmas, I was spending the day with uri dongsaeng, Etin (she said it's been too long since the last time her name appeared on the blog, so here you go LOL). It also has been a year since the last time we had our first ever tembok Yerikho together, I can't believe how crazily fast time has flied!

We were both just some girls who apparently could not spend Christmas with family for they were far far away, but thank God we had each other #eaaaaaaa. Even though these had been pretty tough days for Etin, but cheer up girl, everything will get better in time :)

I hoped it's not too late yet to wish everybody a happiest and blessed Christmas. It's God's greatest and unconditional love that made us able to celebrate Christmas for Jesus' coming. That is why we should rejoice, right? Hope everyone's having a great holiday season XO.

It's The Best Time of The Year

I am very thankful for this year's Christmas eve as I could spend it with my dearest church-mates from GBI Guangzhou. It's been too long since the last time I met them all and I realized that these times I've been missing such community. We spent our Christmas eve together at Twig Cafe, which is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta.

Didn't manage to take good shots of the food for the lighting indoor was not best for me to take pictures. But some cupcakes may have lighten up the mood already, right? We got to choose our own main course from some of the menus and from what I tasted, the food there was pretty good for my liking, and the cupcakes were quite nice too. 

Not only dinner, we also got to share together and did some gifts exchange. Not the best gift I expected, but oh well, what's most important is the time we spent together and the moment, don't you agree? After all, I was really glad and feeling blessed for the night, and I really wished that I could get back to a community as soon as possible. Thank You Jesus #feelingblessed

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Wait, What, Again?

Again, I'll have to emphasize, Christmas is just definitely the best season for nail art :)) Saw this design on Instagram (@nailmachine) and when I saw it I knew that I'll have to do these on my nails. Of course not as good as the real artist's but close enough LOL. By the way guys, have you watched Frozen yet? If you haven't I would recommend you to do, for it was really really really good. Probably the best movie I've watched so far in 2013.

I Hope Fat Straw Won't Make Me Fat(er)

Yesterday after work Ci Fanny picked me up for we have planned to have dinner together. Since the diner was not open yet so we decided to visit one of pretty big bubble drinks place in Gading; Fat Straw. Man, just look at the size of the drinks I had. I chose some ice milk drink with caramel pudding and bubbles (or what they called boba there) and Ci Fanny with her black magic milk tea also with pearl bubbles. When I had my first sip, I realized that I ordered the wrong thing. I forgot the fact that I dislike milk while this drinks' milk flavor was quite strong. The other minus point is that the drinks were all too sweet. But the environment was really nice there.

Good food always made my days. After having really good dinner at WGP (bakut sayur asin and kuotie), I headed back and found a package sent far away from Bali and it was from the lovely Jane. Good food from Bali, sent directly from Bali. You know what I mean? How good was that?  LOL.

I was really happy receiving the package. Just like the feeling when I used to receive my Taobao package. I MISS YOU SO MUCH TAOBAO T^T LOL. Thank you very much Jane for the love. All I'll have to figure out now is just how to finish all of these, which won't be too much trouble for people with tummy capacities like me :))

I'm So Sleepy Even Candy Crush Won't Help

As I was typing these I barely can keep my eyes wide opened. It gets really cold at the office and the fact that I just had my lunch just worsens my sleepiness. So, it's better if I blog right? Maybe it'll distract me from sleeping. Or maybe not really. 

Let's just talk about something happy. As usual, weekend has always been my favorite time. Last weekend was really special since I got to do many exciting things and met some of my favorite people. Spent Saturday afternoon lunch time with Agustine at Koultoura for I had been really wanting to visit that one of the hippest coffee shops in Jakarta now.

Because ordering coffee at a coffee shop is too mainstream (or maybe just because I really don't like coffee), I went with green tea latte for my drinks. I'll have to say the green tea latte was good. It was really similar with Starbucks', which was my favorite, but more like the non-frappe version of it. As for the food, I chose the Aglio Olio that was really famous according to the reviews I read on the internet. The pasta tasted quite good but not too special. Kinda reminds me of Saizeriya's cheap spaghetti (I missed Saizeriya T^T). Overall, Koultoura was a very nice place to sit back and enjoying your sip of coffee.

After we finished our lunch, then came Felly and picked us up to grab our desserts. So did Felly recommend us one cafe that she sometimes visits, and the best thing about the cafe is that there are not too many people there. Just perfect for spending quality time with friends without having to see too many faces and of course, distracted by too many sounds.

Choco lava cake was Felly's and the waffle was mine, while Agustine with her rum creme brulle that I didn't take the picture of. The desserts were fine but not too special, but the price was really friendly. But what Felly said was true. The best thing was that it was just a few people there so the place was overall quite nice. Oh ya, it was Gins.co Cafe, by the way.

I spent the rest of the day trying to bake my first patch of macaroons, but sadly have to say that I failed miserably. So since the macaroons didn't work out, me and my cousins decided to play with bulb photography. It was my first time doing it and it was really exciting! 

On Sunday, I spent my day with my cousins and some friends together, got the chance to practice my driving (from East Jakarta to Gading, smoothly. It was an achievement LOL). Twas a perfect day, too.

Now that it is Monday again, here I am sitting on my desk and trying to survive until it is five. Blogging has helped me spending some minutes but still didn't help on my drowsiness. Can I just press FF and get myself to another weekend again? LOL you wish.

Hey, It's That Season Again!

I don't really have any favorite month but don't you just agree that December just brings too many excitements? Not only for it's the month of Christmas, but also for everything else. Should have started making new resolutions and plans for next year, shouldn't we? 

Yeah I know Indonesia does not have this winter season, but that is no reason to forbid me playing with the snowman on my nails right? I got the inspiration from a random Christmas card I saw sold on the internet, so here's my version of the snowman. Not bad, right? What's better is, I came up with the tutorial made by me, talk about having nothing to do :))

That awkward moment when you finished making the tutorial and you forgot to insert the hand and finally have to maksa-ly put it at the end of the tutorial LOL. Super easy, cute yet fun nail art. I'm starting to think what's next for my winter or Christmas nails. I'm thinking about recreating some of last year's nail art, since they are way too adorable! As closing, here it is, a GIF version of the tutorial :)) Smell ya' later guys!

Bits And Pieces

(1) In search of Jakarta's best macarons. So far in my opinion, Manon is the winner.
(2) J city's skyline on 5.30 PM these days are the best. Without the rain, of course.
(3) Speaking of rain, it has been a (not really) good friend for Jakarta. I was just hoping that it won't start flooding, or please, at least don't let it rain on my way to office #crossingfingers.
(4) In love with taking random pictures. Trying to make it looks like it has deep meaning LOL.
(5) Pretty orchids on some plant shop in Bandung. 
(6) First visit at Bandung's Floating Market. It was raining real hard that day. Did try some of the street food that were sold on the floating stands, the place was quite nice though.
(7) LINE's Christmas decorations at Mal Kelapa Gading, too cuteee. They also have game stands and photo booth. So did I spin some of the fortune wheel and apparently was lucky enough to win a prize, a Cony's file holder worth IDR 20K, not bad :))