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Have Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

Hey there! How have you all spent your Christmas? After the very pleasant Christmas Eve, on the D-day of Christmas, I was spending the day with uri dongsaeng, Etin (she said it's been too long since the last time her name appeared on the blog, so here you go LOL). It also has been a year since the last time we had our first ever tembok Yerikho together, I can't believe how crazily fast time has flied!

We were both just some girls who apparently could not spend Christmas with family for they were far far away, but thank God we had each other #eaaaaaaa. Even though these had been pretty tough days for Etin, but cheer up girl, everything will get better in time :)

I hoped it's not too late yet to wish everybody a happiest and blessed Christmas. It's God's greatest and unconditional love that made us able to celebrate Christmas for Jesus' coming. That is why we should rejoice, right? Hope everyone's having a great holiday season XO.

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