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Hey, It's That Season Again!

I don't really have any favorite month but don't you just agree that December just brings too many excitements? Not only for it's the month of Christmas, but also for everything else. Should have started making new resolutions and plans for next year, shouldn't we? 

Yeah I know Indonesia does not have this winter season, but that is no reason to forbid me playing with the snowman on my nails right? I got the inspiration from a random Christmas card I saw sold on the internet, so here's my version of the snowman. Not bad, right? What's better is, I came up with the tutorial made by me, talk about having nothing to do :))

That awkward moment when you finished making the tutorial and you forgot to insert the hand and finally have to maksa-ly put it at the end of the tutorial LOL. Super easy, cute yet fun nail art. I'm starting to think what's next for my winter or Christmas nails. I'm thinking about recreating some of last year's nail art, since they are way too adorable! As closing, here it is, a GIF version of the tutorial :)) Smell ya' later guys!

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