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I Hope Fat Straw Won't Make Me Fat(er)

Yesterday after work Ci Fanny picked me up for we have planned to have dinner together. Since the diner was not open yet so we decided to visit one of pretty big bubble drinks place in Gading; Fat Straw. Man, just look at the size of the drinks I had. I chose some ice milk drink with caramel pudding and bubbles (or what they called boba there) and Ci Fanny with her black magic milk tea also with pearl bubbles. When I had my first sip, I realized that I ordered the wrong thing. I forgot the fact that I dislike milk while this drinks' milk flavor was quite strong. The other minus point is that the drinks were all too sweet. But the environment was really nice there.

Good food always made my days. After having really good dinner at WGP (bakut sayur asin and kuotie), I headed back and found a package sent far away from Bali and it was from the lovely Jane. Good food from Bali, sent directly from Bali. You know what I mean? How good was that?  LOL.

I was really happy receiving the package. Just like the feeling when I used to receive my Taobao package. I MISS YOU SO MUCH TAOBAO T^T LOL. Thank you very much Jane for the love. All I'll have to figure out now is just how to finish all of these, which won't be too much trouble for people with tummy capacities like me :))

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