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I'd Go 2.5 Hours For You

Can you believe that I'd have to take 2.5 hours trip just to go to church? LOL I guess that's how people spend their time living in Jakarta #TuaDiJalan :)) But I was really happy, not only because being able to go to church, but also because I could go there with some good friends.

Pancious has been one of my most favorite restaurants, their meatballs spaghetti is to die for. I'll definitely be faithful to it. Never go for other pasta since the very first time I tried it. But too much of it will kill my wallet so maybe for once in a while is okay :)) By the way, their pancake was really good, but not with the crepes cake. It was my very first try of the crepes cake, I was expecting but I couldn't even manage to finish it (even for people like me hah). Go try their blueberry pancake.

PS. My hair's mess is starting to kill me #GROAAAARR

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