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I'm So Sleepy Even Candy Crush Won't Help

As I was typing these I barely can keep my eyes wide opened. It gets really cold at the office and the fact that I just had my lunch just worsens my sleepiness. So, it's better if I blog right? Maybe it'll distract me from sleeping. Or maybe not really. 

Let's just talk about something happy. As usual, weekend has always been my favorite time. Last weekend was really special since I got to do many exciting things and met some of my favorite people. Spent Saturday afternoon lunch time with Agustine at Koultoura for I had been really wanting to visit that one of the hippest coffee shops in Jakarta now.

Because ordering coffee at a coffee shop is too mainstream (or maybe just because I really don't like coffee), I went with green tea latte for my drinks. I'll have to say the green tea latte was good. It was really similar with Starbucks', which was my favorite, but more like the non-frappe version of it. As for the food, I chose the Aglio Olio that was really famous according to the reviews I read on the internet. The pasta tasted quite good but not too special. Kinda reminds me of Saizeriya's cheap spaghetti (I missed Saizeriya T^T). Overall, Koultoura was a very nice place to sit back and enjoying your sip of coffee.

After we finished our lunch, then came Felly and picked us up to grab our desserts. So did Felly recommend us one cafe that she sometimes visits, and the best thing about the cafe is that there are not too many people there. Just perfect for spending quality time with friends without having to see too many faces and of course, distracted by too many sounds.

Choco lava cake was Felly's and the waffle was mine, while Agustine with her rum creme brulle that I didn't take the picture of. The desserts were fine but not too special, but the price was really friendly. But what Felly said was true. The best thing was that it was just a few people there so the place was overall quite nice. Oh ya, it was Gins.co Cafe, by the way.

I spent the rest of the day trying to bake my first patch of macaroons, but sadly have to say that I failed miserably. So since the macaroons didn't work out, me and my cousins decided to play with bulb photography. It was my first time doing it and it was really exciting! 

On Sunday, I spent my day with my cousins and some friends together, got the chance to practice my driving (from East Jakarta to Gading, smoothly. It was an achievement LOL). Twas a perfect day, too.

Now that it is Monday again, here I am sitting on my desk and trying to survive until it is five. Blogging has helped me spending some minutes but still didn't help on my drowsiness. Can I just press FF and get myself to another weekend again? LOL you wish.

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