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Bali Photo Diary #2 - I Wish I Could Stay

I'd better get the photos posted before it gets too long after the vacation. It's almost a month since le vacation! But I'm soooooo excited of the upcoming month, because.. just because it's freaking December! Oh right, the photos.

Those are some pictures of my second day at Bali. We took the honeymoon couple, Ko Rudi and Ci Lusi along with us and went to Uluwatu to explore the infamous Pandawa beach and also at the evening to Jimbaran for of course, the seafood.

My trip to Bali has been one very great and memorable trip, all thanks to le tour guide, Miss Jane. I really wished I could stay longer (or maybe for good? LOL) there. But I have a great feeling that I'll be back to island soon enough and will be able to see and experience some other awesomeness. Wait for my comeback, Bali! - and also Miss Bali (Jane, yes it's you haha) :P

Bali Photo Diary #1 - Mister Sun, Please Calm Down A Bit!

(1) Brunch at Sisterfields, Seminyak. I heard that this place has brought a pretty big hype at the Instagram, so I asked Jane to bring me here, not a bad place at all to me.
(2) There's a lot of places that is so "Instagram-genic" that when you actually went there, they're not actually that, you know, cool - LOL. So we also went to Sea Circus, because I saw on Instagram that it's pretty cool, but when I got there, there's nothing much as I expected - went there only to take photos but didn't manage to capture any, so here you go, some random becak.
(3) Grabbed lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah near Kuta. Wait, Jakarta also has one? Err, it must has tasted better since I ate it at Bali, right? Right?
(4) My ice cream failed me at being photogenic.
(5) Waiting for the sun to set. It was already almost 5 PM but the sun was still shining so proud.
(6) You're literally standing on one of the most famous beach located in one of happiest island on earth, why so sad, buddy?
(7) Some random foreigner came at us and said, "Could you please look after my belongings while I go for some quick swim?" then left his things just like that. Well, he did return fast from his quick swim, though.
(8) Playing with instax.
(9) Sunset at Kuta, check.

Finally, time to post this holiday post. It has been some great days spent in Bali, along with my super nice tour guide slash photographer, Jane. Bali was extremely hot during the day and I couldn't even manage to stay outside for too long. So did we wait at Mc Donald's, eating ice cream, charging phone batteries #fakircolokan, and when the time has come, we straightly crossed the street and went to the beach! I envy those who stay in Bali for how close they are from the beach. When you feel like doing nothing, just go to the beach! When you want to hear the sound of the wind and wave, just go to the beach! Hmmm I guess everything will sound fun done at the beach, don't you agree?

20 Facts You (Might or) Might Not Know About Me

Okay, the thing is I got tagged also lah to do this and some have been requesting me also. I was in doubt whether I should have done this, but you know, people can do everything when they have nothing to do. The reason I'm doing this on the blog is because I talk too much that my Instagram feed won't fit. Hey, it rhymes!

1. I hate it when my phone rings.
Because I hate long conversations on the phone, because I hate it when my ears got super red and how they feel like they are burning because of talking too long on the phone. Besides, nowadays it's rarely good news when it comes to phone rings, is it not?

2. Going to supermarkets is one of many things that makes me happy.
Maybe it's because I love to see things being displayed so tidy and colorful. I don't know, there's just something about supermarkets that excites me. I never mind going on grocery shopping alone.

3. I wish nose picking are allowed to do freely in public.
I mean like, everybody does that. Why don't we just make it 'legal' then? Why should we feel ashamed just to clean our own nose? Why? Why? 

4. My most favorite blog is my own blog.
Ya you know how shameless sometimes I get. But hey, I have reasons to it. My blog is where I found memories about me and my most beloved people. That one is acceptable, right? Beside, look at how neat this blog is! *smirking*

5. My temper goes really bad when I haven't washed my hair.
I wash my hair every freaking single day. Believe me, you don't want to mess with Sastika-yang-kemarin-ga-sempet-keramas. I wouldn't either. 

6. I used to love texting.
I could get really talkative, talking to anybody - as long as it's instant messaging, not phone calls (you still remember point number 1?). But now, err I don't know. I tend go ignore text messages or either just replying in short words, like just "okay", "got it" or things alike. But ignoring sometimes also because forget lah, not because I am always that cold LOL #NgelesAjaLo

7. Most of my outfits are in either black or dark blue
Gurl, when you have a pear body with extra upsized thigh and betis and feet, you'll know why. 

8. I listen to the same songs for years.
Some songs have been played for hundred times, as said on my mini iPod. Just as an example, "I'm Yours" by The Script has never left my iPod playlist.

9. Never been good in physics, chemistry and biology.
Even I wonder how did I manage to survive high school. 

10. I never know what I wanted to do.
I used to dream of being a teacher. The other day, I wanted to become a preacher. The next day, I wanted to sell Tupperwares. After that, I wanted to work in offices. Now, I long to start my own business. At the end, I realized that all I wanted was money #duh #cheapo.

11. I tried my best to love books.
But I just don't. The only one that managed to interest me most was.. guess what? The Twilight saga series. Finished the whole four books in a week - call that an achievement.

12. I'd rather skip meals than sleep. 
I sleep around 10 hours per day. I think I learned this from my Mom. Don't ask about how I am still not skinny because I don't freaking know. 

13. I'm not a tomboy.
Many people saw me as one, but to my personal believing, I am more to a neutral one, if you know what I mean. I may not be girly, but at the same time not boyish as well. 

14. I eat tissues, well of course not literally. 
I tend to waste a lot of tissues, name it when I eat, going to the toilet, wiping things etc. I'm trying to change this habit though. Go green, yes? 

15. I classified people I know into two different types. 
First, the ones I trust. The other one is those I don't. If you always come late on appointments with me, then you automatically become type number two. Congratulations, I guess?

16. I have huge obsessions to babies cheeks.
But I have some pretty high standards. Them cheeks have to be extra big and usually they are best squeezed while babies are below three years old (if that even makes sense). It does not make me wanting the same cheeks anyway #MineIsBigEnoughThankYou

17. I hate being late.
That kinda explains why I hate when people are late. It kinda frustates me when the reason I was late to an appointment is because of somebody else. 

18. I'm a quite a keeper.
Usually the things I used with last for some long period. Another thing is that I tend to keep "useless" stuffs just because I thought it contains memories in it, like how I kept some sticky notes that's written "kunci kamar cadangan" just because my roommate wrote it for me when giving me some extra room keys. That is how I got all of my super random things in my keeping. Sometimes I get melancholic too, ya know?

19. I hate parties.
Haha have you noticed already how many times I say "hate" words? Relax, I'm not that hateful actually. I kinda prefer small meetings with less people where they were talking to each other about the same topics instead of small groups discussions in a big group meeting, if you know what I mean.

20. I think I am the most blessed person in the world.
A lot of people might think the same about themselves, which is good. But I personally was always in awe when I think of what God has done in my life, how I could have everything I might have not deserved, how I am such imperfect but still He loves me. I am thankful. 

Hello, are you still with me? Whoa I can't believe you also have nothing to do that you have time to read all these stuffs (LOL kidding). Alright, I hope anybody will find this fascinating, even when I doubt it will LOL. As I am typing this I was currently in a pretty decent mood so please don't mind me when I talked (or literally typed) too much. Ciao!

Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self

1. "Ignorance is a bliss. Every body always has something to say from their point of view but the thing is not all of them are the same. You don't have to listen to every single thing people say about you, it is okay to be just the "you" version of you. What people say about you does not matter, it doesn't define who you are anyway."

2. "Live with no regrets. As they say everything happens for some reasoning, what you decided has made you who you are now. It is okay that you made mistakes, who didn't? At the end, you'll be thankful that you made mistakes, because you learned things from them. Because sometimes people just don't learn until they make mistakes, do they?"

3. "Trying too hard just to fit in is never necessary. Being the popular kid with hell lot of friends does not always mean having the best life. It is okay if you just have a few friends, as long as they can accept you and your silly acts, without trying to change things about you."

4. "No boy is worth your teenage years. No no, I didn't say that, it is Hayley who did. But you know what, she is right about that. It is the time for you to go explore the world, and to explore yourself as well. Go outside and find out new things are everywhere waiting for you to be discovered. Play, have fun and laugh as hard as you can. Love can wait, there will be time for it, maybe later."

5. "Take more pictures. Moments eventually will turn themselves into memories so the best thing you can do about it is to capture them and keep them as the sweetest memories. Yes, even selfie's with the camera so close with your face (like what you always did) is acceptable".

6. "School grades is not that important, not that much. I'm telling you this not because you did care so much about it though, well great job you did there. Very well done, my friend."

7. "People change, so do you. Those whom you thought will be like your BFF, guess what - they aren't here anymore. It's okay, no need to freak out. It is just a part of the process of growing up that you are being put into."

8. "Don't change because people told you to. Change because you wanted to, change because you wanted to become better, change because you know it's good for you."

9. "Listen to Pa and Ma. Let me tell you something scary but true: parents are always right. Even when they are not, what they prioritize is always things that will do you good. Even when you really feel like not listening, tell them and listen to what they have to say."

10. "What's it with the zig zag fringe? Just why? LOL."

11. "Time heals everything. When I say everything, believe me it is true. Even when you're feeling shitty about your life, the good news is it won't last long, well not for too long - at least. The next day, it will feel a lot better. If it does not, see again the next day."

12. "Thank you, you did well. Even with everything weird you did, how crazy you may turn out to be, of all mistakes you have done, every choice you made, I am proud of you."

Nail Art Dummy

I think no matter when I will always keep declaring myself as a nail art dummy. It's been years since I started painting my nails but I'm not even improving #sigh. 

So I finally managed to do myself some nail painting after a more than three months hiatus - I barely even touched my nail polish. Anyway I am hoping that I'll start doing this more often too so that I do not waste my nail polish (I feel like saying this all the time LOL). This time's manicure is inspired by some random nail art I saw at Instagram, but somehow none of my friends were able to tell what I was doing. Can you?

Well, if you can't tell, I'll do then LOL. It's basically another floral nail art, but is it that hard to tell that those are flowers? Guess again I'll have to need more and more practice.

Evening Union

Glad to be back to my this home: le blog! I might as well turn this blog back to my online photo diary, but it's nothing wrong, is it? These days I've been looking back to my old posts and I realized how I missed putting pictures to my blog than just having one photo for each post like what I've been doing lately.

Okay, here goes the story. Basically this bakery called Union is what I heard as one of the hippest bakery slash cafe in town where many Jakartans come to eat (and of course to take Instagram photos). So did I make the appointment with Agustine and brought along Prisca to try out this place! 

People have been saying that their red velvet cake is the best in town and of course I thought I shouldn't have missed it in my order. On my first bite, it was pretty good, but you know.. not that kinda "WOW" I was expecting. Guess the high expectation is due to the recommendation the people have been telling - or maybe it's just me and my kampong taste :)) By the way we also tried out Nastar Crumble and PB & J cake, they were pretty good too, but my advice is to share a piece of cake with another person or else you'll end up feeling eneg like we did LOL.

Anyway, I was sooooo happy today for the date we three had and hope that there will be more chances like this. And like always, I still hope that I'll be updating my blog more often LOL. Enough with today's story then, see you when I see you!

About Twenty Two

I am that person who never really thinks too much about days that were have gone or there is to come. But this time this came up to my mind, "Listen, you're 23 now". Man, where have all the days gone?

The good thing is, I did not act like when I was turning 22. The day before my birthday this year, I actually acted pretty cool like it was an ordinary day like others, and even at the D-day, I did not freak out like I used to - I'm feeling pretty mature already lar (LOL kidding).

I used to think to myself that the age limit for someone before he turned into an adult is 22. After that, you're fully a grown up and you have to do what it is an adult does and of course you're going to have to think like the way an adult does. Well after all the things that has happened, I think my thought has been walking the right direction.

To me, the age of 22 was the age of experiencing. A lot of things have happened, and a lot has changed. There are things that I thought would not became reality but they did and also those that I thought would happen or at least remain the same, didn't. But they already told us that things are always like that, didn't they? 

22 has told me to do whatever you wanted while you are still able to do so, not to let fear or doubt stops you from heading to a better place, and also that it is okay to sometimes make wrong decisions - you'll learn things from them. It also taught me that, growing up is not something that is to be afraid of, but instead a land to grow yourself to a better human-being.

Dear 22, thank you for taking me to new places, thank you for meeting me with those new people and thank you for letting me experience things I wanted to. I know there are still a lot more to come and embrace, but I enjoyed having you and I am going to keep you as a part of those beautiful memories I have collected. So 23, you better be good :)

At the same time, I also wanted to thank my special friends lar, who made my day even brighter. Thank you GBI GZ fellas for the earlier surprise, Ci Felly and Ci Meycia for the morning cake and bakmi panjang umur (hihi), my dearest Jane for the black forest cake that she sent to my office - even some my colleagues envy me - PS. where's my birthday card? :( haha oh right also for Etin (I know you're going to read this), thank you for being so sweet berusaha mencarikan saya apa yang saya mau - walaupun akhirnya saya tidak membantu sama sekali, but I am expecting you to surprise me yaa hihi. 

Gosh I still have some long list to thank. Thank you Grace's dormitory family for the Hello Kitty wannabe cake, my Palmers family for the burger cake and all my dear friends for the greetings and wishes. Last but of course not least, my most beloved family, Pa Ma Koko and Xmei, especially for the angpau (LOL). I said I got some long list but ended up just saying a few, yeah right banget hahaha.

Good bye twenty two, thanks for the memories.

Jariku Sayang Jariku Malang

The reason I am putting this story on the blog is because I thought that this day was worth remembering - an extra ordinary day. I might sounded a lot like a drama queen, but who freaking cares? Ehm, jadi begini ceritanya, kebetulan gue sedang ada satu kerjaan di kantor dimana gue musti motong-motongin kertas yang agak tebal gitu pake cutter. Singkat cerita, mungkin karena waktu emang udah sore juga dan konsentrasi gue juga uda mulai menurun... I cut myself.

Awalnya gue biasa aja, reacted like it is a simple cut. Gue masih sempet "pamer" ke salah satu temen dan bilang "Liat nih tangan gue" lalu masih agak nyantai lari ke pantry buat bersihin lukanya. Gue guyur lah itu luka sama air mengalir kan ceritanya biar berenti ngalir darah gue #SastikasLogic etapi etapi kok lama-lama kaga berenti. Temen gue yang di samping gue uda mulai panik dan bilang "Sas pake kopi Sas pake kopi", gue masih bilang "Ahh masa pake kopi".

Beberapa waktu kemudian gue mulai panik, gue ngambil Betadine lalu buru-buru buka dan tuangin ke jari gue. Lah ini kenapa kaga ada ngefek juga? Gue tambah panik. Lama-lama gue bisa merasakan kalau gue mulai pusing and I could feel like muka gue uda pucat pasi (because I felt like my lips became so dry). Temen gue ngacir cari pertolongan. Gue berjuang sendirian di pantry, lalu masih berusaha tenang. And the funny part began.

Gue merasa keliyengan, mata gue mulai berkunang-kunang, pandangan gue tambah lama tambah burem. Barang-barang sekitar gue mulai tidak keliatan seimbang dan goyang-goyang. Ga cuma itu, keringat dingin uda mulai memenuhi wajah gue.  Demmm, gue mulai panik - kalau gue pingsan di pantry gimana, kan ga lucu banget cuma gara-gara cutter doang masa sampe pingsan. Ga lama kemudian beberapa temen kantor mulai dateng dan ada yang dorongin kursi buat gue dan gue duduk. Gue mulai ditanganin oleh temen gue biar darahnya berenti, gue dikasih minum dan begitu duduk lamaan gue ngerasa kesadaran gue mulai kembali. EPIC IS EPIC.

Ga nyangka aja hari gue yang gue sangka bakal biasa-biasa aja malah akhirnya diwarnai drama kecil yang cukup bikin heboh ini. Sejak gue SD ato SMP, gue selalu wondered sama temen-temen yang kalau upacara bendera itu suka pingsan, dan gue selalu bertanya dalam hati, "Pingsan itu rasanya kaya gimana sih?". Man, today I learned it the hard way. KAMSIA DEH.

Sebenarnya cukup sedih karena bagi gue jari gue adalah aset gue yang cukup berharga (soalnya bagian tubuh lain gabisa dibanggain hahahahaha..ha..ha....ha #nangisdipojokan) but anyway, bukan Sastika namanya kalau tidak bisa menemukan hikmah di balik kemalangan - hujan di balik pelangi dari perkara ini. Gue mendapatkan dua keuntungan dari kejadian ini. FIRST: gue besok bisa pake band aid Looney Tunes baru gue (selalu ga pernah punya kesempatan buat pake band aid) dan SECOND: malam ini gue punya alasan buat makan banyak abis pulang kantor. Yaiyalah, kan abis kekurangan banyak darah, gue kudu makan banyak dong biar ga lemes, ya ga ya ga ya ga? #IyainAjaPlease #KThxBye

Look Who's Back

After the (another) long hiatus, I'm back to remind myself that I owned a blog hahahaha. How have you all been doing? Well if you're asking me, then I will say that I am just fine as I always was. Life has always been good and there are always new blessings to cherish everyday. Days have their own ways to keep me busy and I guess that is one of many reasons why time feels like flying, or even maybe jumping for a very high cliff with a very high speed, I mean even like working days feel like passing so fast - don't even mention weekends. But I like busy, busy makes me happy.

The strange thing is, even when you think you are happy with what you have and what you are now, sometimes you may forget that a short time break can make you feel even better. Just like me, I spent some couple hours at my room today doing nothing (which is rare), taking a short nap, listening to my old iPod, taking some random pictures of my belongings (and of course some shameless selfies), and it felt sooooo good. And now I am sitting with my noisy computer, writing a super random blog post and I feel even happier. I think this is a good self reminder that sometimes we do need that today-I-don't-feel-like-doing-anything kinda day, once in a while. We deserved it anyway. 

Alright then, my babbling is getting even more random than how I expected it would turn out to be. I'll try updating the blog with some photos I got from the past weekend. Hope that I'll make it happen, ciao!

Bits and Pieces

(1) My new kicks. I promised myself that I had to start working out a little, well at least do some small running effort. All along I have always been using the "I-don't-have-any-sports-shoes" reason on why I never work out. Guess I'll have to find myself some other excuses :))
(2) Nails of the week. Despite of the messiness, I pretty like the design and the blue and yellow look good matched together, don't you agree? The other thing is I'm currently running out of nail polish remover and I have been peeling my nail polish to remove them from my nails. Call that an innovation.
(3) All time favorite, mint and chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins. If you don't know yet, whenever you're purchasing BR's ice cream with minimum transaction of IDR 75,000 with kartu kredit Bank Mega, then you'll get a 35% price reduction. Definitely not something to miss out, right?
(4) I really love when I got to say, "It was my first time on..". Well, apparently I got another first try on.. guess what? Since you'll never guess it right (LOL) then I'll just tell you what it was: snake meat. I was just curious on how it tasted like, so I did try one. Some people called it delicious but to me, it was so-so lah. The texture is quite chewy and it pretty much tasted like chicken, nothing really special on it, so I'll be back on loving my fried chicken.
(5) The puppies are growing up so fast. A month ago they were just some tiny little creatures and now they're so heavy that I'll have to be extra careful while carrying them. I hope they all will grow bigger and healthier yeay.
(6) I'm back to my old musing. After the last time Xiaobai died, I was a bit afraid to pet other fish again because I was worried when they died it will be very tiring for me. Well but now I'm having a new tank in my room and I had some tiny shrimps and some other fish. But.. at the first day, all of the five prawns died and the next day, other two passed away. Today, another two were found dead when I reached home. Guess it won't be too long until I say goodbye to all of them #OhGodWhy ._____.

Some random updates about my life this past week, just in case anyone on blogosphere is missing me #YeahYouWished :)) I know I've been saying this a million times but I really missed scratching things here, so just bear with me when I talked so much. Life has been treating me super fine and I am enjoying every bit of the time of my life now. Working life has been tiring but exciting at the same time, I've got some pretty awesome friends and I ate a lot of good food (as always).

By the way, my parents and le sister are currently spending their vacation time at Thailand and I envy them so much. I think it's been pretty awhile since I had my getaway. I miss seeing at blue sky and sea and the sun-tanned skin. Beach, please?

I Stand on The Right Side

Sebenarnya gue pribadi bukan orang yang begitu peduli dengan yang namanya politik. I used to think that siapapun yang jadi pemerintah, engga bakal ada hubungannya sama gue. Namanya kehidupan gue toh bakal semuanya balik lagi ke gue sendiri, depends on kerjaan gue, pergaulan gue dan hal-hal yang berbau "gue" lainnya. Tapi entah kenapa, kali ini gue tertarik banget ngikutin perkembangan tentang pilpres 2014 yang lagi heboh sekarang ini.

Awalnya gue cuma jadi pengamat doang, mantengin berita sana-sini tentang wara-wiri pencapresan yang udah santer diberitain sejak awal tahun ini. Balik lagi, gue sendiri ga gitu peduli sebenarnya mau siapa kek yang jadi presiden, tapi itu engga membuat gue ga penasaran dengan semua perkembangan berita yang ada. Kemungkinan besar itu semua karena akibat dari tidak adanya kesibukan waktu gue di kantor gue yang lama, yang membuat gue dari pagi sampe sore setia banget mantengin Kompas. Mau berita politik, mancanegara, gosip artis, tips-tips diet, ekonomi, olahraga, semuanya gue telen.

Picture credit: here.

Ketertarikan gue terhadap pilpres kali ini dimulai saat gue mulai iseng searching data tentang Prabowo karena gue pengen tau aja ini orang kenapa begitu kontroversi, apa bener emang dia salah satu dalang di balik tragedi 98 kaya yang dibilang selama ini? Apa jangan-jangan dia emang bener cuma difitnah? Pencarian gue cukup detail sampe gosip tentang anaknya gay juga dipantengin :))

Nah kalo soal Jokowi gue sendiri ga pernah khusus buka internet cuma buat search namanya for I think it is already enough from what I heard, saw and read at the news jadi gue rasa uda ga perlu lah khusus ngeliatin doi doang, ganteng juga kaga.

Gue sempat memihak 65-35 sama Prabowo karena gue pikir it's good for our country kalo kita punya pemimpin yang punya basis militer yang kuat, apalagi yang digadang-gadang punya ketegasan yang waw gitu. Tapi entah kenapa keberpihakan gue itu tidak berlangsung lama sampai pada akhirnya gue memutuskan I'll go for Jokowi, it just seemed right.

Seakan-akan emang didukung sama yang di atas, pas banget sekarang Jokowi dapetnya nomor urut 2. Kalo mau bikin lambang peace juga bisa dikait-kaitin sama Jokowi, anak-anak di internet juga bikin slogannya bisa bagus gituh #StandOnTheRightSide, coba kalo nomor 1 urutnya yakali tulisnya stand on the left side ga ada sambung-menyambung dan keren-mengerennya.

Okeh, poin yang barusan emang ga begitu penting. Sebenarnya inti dari post gue kali ini adalah, gue pengen banget anak-anak muda Indonesia jangan ignorant, pilih salah satu, ANY one dari mereka yang kita anggap lebih layak buat jadiin Indonesia lebih baik. Jangan golput dan jadi orang yang mencla-mencle ga punya pendirian.

Mungkin banyak yang kaya gue yang berpikir siapapun presidennya toh ga akan punya efek apa-apa ke kita. Well at least jangan jadi orang yang abu-abu yang ga hitam dan ga putih. It does matter who wins at the end, but the point is ketika kita ga menentukan pilihan dan cuma jadi penonton, kita bakal jadi orang tengah yang cuma bisa protes. Make some contribution, jangan mau enaknya aja!

Gue bukan sedang berusaha menarik kalian untuk mendukung salah satu kubu dan gue akan berusaha sebisa mungkin untuk jadi "orang luar" di post gue yang kali ini but however kemungkinan gue untuk terkesan memihak mungkin akan tetap ada, but I hope you all get my point.

Picture credit: here.

Gue sendiri setuju kalo pilpres 2014 ini menarik banget buat diikutin. Beberapa hal-hal yang menurut gue menarik, hasil pemantauan gue selama di dunia per-Kompas-an adalah:

1. Kedua kubu capres sama-sama sekarang seakan "menjilat ludah sendiri", Prabowo yang dulu dukung Jokowi buat jadi gubernur dan bilang doi adalah pemimpin yang bagus, sekarang malah jadi rivalnya sendiri. At the other hand, PDI-P yang dulu mengusung Prabowo jadi cawapresnya Megawati, sekarang malah berusaha keras buat ngalahin Prabowo.
2. Yang unik, pada pilpres kali ini ada kesan seperti pertarungan antara angels vs devils. Jokowi yang dekingannya orang-orang yang kebanyakan punya image yang bagus, even Anies Baswedan yang sempat dijagoin cukup banyak orang buat jadi capres juga sekarang mutusin gabung sama geng Jokowi. Di sisi lain, Prabowo (yang image-nya sendiri banyak dipertanyakan) didukung sama orang-orang yang sekarang dikenal sama nama "pasukan sakit hati" dan nama-nama yang dianggap bermasalah. Anehnya adalah, masih banyak aja orang yang tetap pro Prabowo, despite of timnya yang sebenarnya sekarang menurut gue juga rada-rada.
3. Black campaign dan negative campaign yang bertebaran dimana-mana dan menurut gue sendiri, semuanya pretty convincing jadi kita harus pinter milah-milih yang mana yang mau kita percaya.
4. There's a lot to anticipate from Jokowi karena ada beberapa breakthtrough yang may happen kalau doi akhirnya terpilih jadi presiden, salah satunya yang paling gue anticipate adalah naiknya Ahok jadi gubernur (not because he is a Chinese but I salute him for his attitude) and janji Jokowi untuk engga bagi-bagi jatah kursi menteri. We'll see if that will really happen.
5. Masalah pelanggaran HAM-nya Prabowo. Waktu doi dicalonin jadi wakilnya Mega dulu, engga ada tuh seheboh sekarang ini diungkit-ungkit mulu soal tahun 98, tapi sekarang itu-itu juga yang diinget-inget. Speaking of that, I've seen a lot of comparisons tentang prestasi Jokowi dan Prabowo. Emang sih dibuat oleh timnya Jokowi, tapi emang bisa dikatakan Prabowo itu minim prestasi (bisa dilihat salah satunya di sini). Bahkan di debat Mata Najwa aja, pas kubu Prabowo ditanyain prestasi, mereka juga ga bisa ngasih jawaban yang memuaskan. Tapi again, tetep aja loh banyak yang kekeuh banget dukung no matter what.
6. Soal ibu negara brow, baru kali ini sejarahnya Indonesia bakal mungkin saja ga punya ibu negara. Tapi saya denger-denger ada Jupe tuh yang udah mau daftar juga tuh jadi calon ibu negara kita. Gimana, pada legowo ga? Ha..ha..ha.. :|

Sebenarnya masih banyak banget hal menarik yang ada, cuma kayanya ga mungkin juga ai jabarin semuanya, this post is boring enough LOL. But seriously guys, kalo bukan kita yang do something, who else will? Every vote counts dan jangan biarin hak suaramu hilang gitu aja. EVEN IF you really don't want to choose salah satu, just come to kotak suara dan asal coblos aja. Even menurut gue lebih baik suara lo itu hangus daripada dimanfaatin oknum yang ga bertanggung jawab. But hey, is it that hard to just go and choose one?

Gue sendiri berharap banget gue bisa ikutan nyoblos tanggal 9 Juli ntar. Sayangnya proses buat pindah TPS buat perantau kaya gue cukup ribet dan gue kurang ngerti harus ngurus kemananya jadi gue masih harus cari-cari informasi, tapi gue berharap buat yang ga punya halangan buat nyoblos, HARUS pake banget pergi nyoblos demi kita semua. Buat yang gatau mau nyoblos siapa, gantiin saya nyoblos nomor 2 aja deh hehe :)

As a closing, here's a pretty interesting debate di Mata Najwa yang tadi sempet gue mention antara masing-masing tiga wakil dari kubu Jokowi dan Prabowo. Beberapa highlight dari video ini adalah mulutnya si Adian Napitulu yang bener-bener kaya mercon meledak (LOL) and I really like the way Anies menyampaikan poin-poinnya beliau, demen deh bener-bener kaya how an educated person should act. There will be a lot more debates to come and I am really anticipating the real debate between dua capres :))

So guys, any thoughts about this? Udah nentuin belum mau milih yang mana? Kalo emang ada yang niat golput, kasih dong alasan kenapa mau golput. Tell me tell me tell meeee.

"Kita harus memilih meskipun kemungkinan kita akan berbeda pandangan satu sama lain. Tidak memilih memang lebih aman, namun hal tersebut tidak konsisten untuk pembelajaran politik bangsa yang diembannya. Berbeda itu tidak masalah dan bukan sesuatu yang luar biasa, lawan debat adalah teman berpikir, lawan bulu tangkis adalah teman berolahraga." - Anies Baswedan

Tak Kemana-Mana

Kita sedang bahagia, jangan buang waktu menerka-nerka akhirnya
Tenang, aku di sini. S'lama kau di sisi, aku berjanji.. tak kemana-mana


GOGI Reunited

Wehee so glad that yesterday I got to meet my long lost (?) GOGI partner. It's been too long since the last time! We were debating if the last time we met was already last year or not LOL. We spent some good time chit chatting while having some club sandwiches, chocolate lava cake (!) and also having some milk tea date tehee. Thank you Belly for sparing some time for me. I'll see you around soon!

I Am Thankful For..

my new job I know there are hell lots of new things that I need to learn, but I am thankful for the opportunities, my colleagues which happen to be so nice (and almost all of them are at my age), my boss and senior who are not bossy but instead very understanding and caring, and also the everyday free and great tasted lunch.
homecoming Managed to get home for a few days before I started my current job. I was so happy that I got to see my dear family again (and celebrated Papa's birthday together!) also that I was meeting up some good friends back there.
moving out I just moved into a new room! My new room is far better than my previous one. Those who have seen it know I wasn't lying and these days I've been sleeping really well. I am that type of people who enjoy being at home (or now probably room) so I'd have to make sure I enjoy living there.
hair curler You might thing this is not that important, but I just got this Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl and I am able to save a lot of time doing my hair (just because I need to do it everyday). Anyway, you guys can get your own perfect curl from @cherish_store #BukanIklan #BeneranBagus #SuwerDeh
baby Flindt He just turned two! I can't believe how fast time has flied. I am happy that he is now a healthy and active boy, but I kinda missed the helpless him that can only be carried and being played by me hahaha. I hope he'll always grow up healthily and he'll be a good boy :)
food I am sorry that I keep repeating this one, but I just cannot miss it. By the way you guys, if you're living in Jakarta, go try babi panggang at Lapo Ni Tondongta at Jalan Pramuka - Jakarta Timur. I can guarantee it tasted so gooooood. #LanggananGarisKeras

Yamcha Kinda Day

I swear it's not only that the picture looks good, but the food tasted really great as well. Despite the fact that I'd have to deal with my shrimp allergic the whole day later. Anyway guys, if you're planning to get some dimsum, this Modern Asian Diner (MAD) at Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta is pretty decent in my very own opinion.

As if a dimsum buffet is not enough, later that day we also went for some pancakes and Japanese for dinner. But I was happy because my tummy is. They say happiness can't be bought, right? Well you don't have to remind me for getting even more fat, though. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT T____T But, we're sometimes just that helpless, ya' know? #NgelesAjeLuSas

Please don't judge me for wasting too much money on the buffet, okay? Just so you know, the whole buffet only costed us IDR 89K per person. I just can't afford to miss it! It is too bad that the promotion has ended already. Anyway, if anyone knows any decent places like this with cheap buffet, please, you know who to call.

I Love Meeting Up

One of my favorite moments is when I got to see my friends and spent some good time with them. These days everyone's getting busy of their own matters, so chances like this do not come everyday. That is why I am grateful and thankful for the good time.

By the way, I feel bad for abandoning the blog for quite a long time. I really wanted to blog, but I just don't know what to write. I guess I need something to keep me and my blog motivated. Some more about myself, it's been almost a week since I started my current job. So far it's been pretty exciting and I am looking forward for new lessons and maybe some new challenges ahead. I hope you guys reading are being happy and excited as well :)

To Another Start

Whoa it's been a month since the last time I blogged. It's not that I'm actually "that" busy, but life just keeps me going. If I have to recall it, this past month has been pretty.. exciting? I have been faced to new opportunities and been making new decisions that I know will affect much to my future.

Okay, the thing is I decided to quit from my current job. I braced myself to try and will have to start again from the beginning. Starting everything from zero is not easy at all but I have to try to figure it all out. Sometimes the fears about future, the thought about will-I-ever-make-it still haunt me but I shouldn't let them stop me from moving on, right?

I know that life is still full of uncertainties. This choice I made and every other choices I have made in the past will either bring me to the heaven I've been dreaming of, or the other way, a hell I never wanted to live in. But I was reminded that how we live everyday is what matters. When we choose to live life happily, to cherish every little thing around us, we'll find out that life isn't so bad after all, but when our mind is being trapped in the hell we own made, life's a misery for sure.

A friend keeps saying that I was such an optimist person, but.. was I really? I never really thought myself as one, sometimes I even thought that I was a perfect picture of what a naive person is. But when I thought more about it, if being so naive actually feels this good, I wouldn't mind at all being one :)