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365 Days Of Gratitude - 2013

Speaking of 2013 that unexpectedly has just gone and never to come back again, today I'm going to share about one of my yearly goal back in the year of twenty thirteen. Remember what I said at the end of this post? Well apparently that was what I have been doing for 2013. It was the the project of "365 Days Of Gratitude".

As you've heard from the title, the concept was actually pretty simple. Ever heard of this saying "count your blessings, not what is missing"? Well that is pretty much what inspired me to do this. What I did was simply writing down every single thing that made me happy during the day, before I go to bed. It could be anything, in fact what I wrote usually were random things, but most of them are about what I ate *food never fails to make me happy* :))))

When I first started, as usual things always got really exciting. I was able to list so many things and write them as long lines and make a story about how something or some people had made me feel happy. But after a few months, you pretty much can guess. It's not that I lost the excitement, but I just didn't have THAT urge to write too long and so I just wrote in very short lines, every single day :))

Does it always get easy to write things that make you happy? Of course, not. When you do things like this you'll see that there were just some days of the year where you weren't really on your best condition, when all you wanted to do was just cry yourself to sleep (okay, I'm exaggerating LOL), will you still be able to say thanks to the Man above?

I did struggle on this thing too. In the book I found out there were some days where it got really hard to say thank You Lord, when I didn't even know what to write in the book of blessings because I just felt like it was a messed up day. And finally at that time all I could come up with was things like "It has been a pretty rough day for me, but I guess the good thing is that this day will end soon and I believe tomorrow is a different day". At the end I realized one thing; there is no such thing as a day without blessings. It was hard, but the good news is a bad day never lasts more than 24 hours, does it?

Maybe it's not that something-to-be-proud of, but I am really glad and thankful that I managed to write all of them down. So, here I am proudly saying that on the year of 2013, all I got was :

1283 listed blessings, uncountable unlisted blessings.

This is also a proof that I'm a pretty committed person, right? LOL. This isn't anything difficult but being able to do it every single day in a year is pretty much an achievement for me. So, am I up to do it again this year? HELL YES :))

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