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I Am Thankful For...

shuttle bus It takes me straight to where I live and it's free. Beside, I can also have some walk before heading home at the malls and maybe do some shopping when I have more money LOL.
my job I admit sometimes it gets too boring, but I realize that this job I have is the best lar. Besides, my bosses are really caring. Who am I to complain about it, right?
community GBI GZ's COOL has started yay! It's good to be back to such community, and I got to learn things for some elder brothers and sisters about some precious life lessons.
friends Some Guangzhou friends are back for vacation and we got to see each other more often, means no more boring nights having nothing to do, because I'm going out every night (sounds like I go partying every night, but actually just going out to eat a lot of street food LOLOL)
holiday Got a day off this week, better than nothing. What I can't wait is I am going home in just another two weeks for CNY vacation. Can't wait to meet la familia soon :)
family It was Mom's birthday in just a few days ago. I am thankful that my family is never running out of God's blessings and all the members are living healthily and happily.
the rain It started when the sun hasn't even risen and hasn't stopped when the sun sets, it made me come late to the office but it makes me able to stay longer behind the blanket.
food Thank God for Ayam Lepaas, Mie Goreng Jawa, Nasi Uduk, Martabak Coklat Keju, Martabak Telor, Roti Panggang, Kuo Tie, Seafood Kalimati... I think I should stop already.

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