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It's Freaking 2014!!

It does not even feel like a different year already. Don't you think it's funny how we walked our days regularly and *boom* suddenly it's another freaking year. By the way, how did you guys spend the new year's eve? Of course I am asking because I am going to tell about what I did LOL. I was spending out the last day and first day at Puncak along with some friends and of course had some fun. But the sad thing is I just got back this morning at 5.30 AM and now I am sitting already on my office desk. Got to survive this for the next 8 hours. MUST. WORK. CAN'T. SLEEP.

Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great new year and may this 2014 bring us more joy and let's be better, shall we? Bad things may happen, but believe that it's all for good :) Just so you know, one of my resolution for 2014 is to care more about my appearance, not always looking so sleepy every time I go working (because I do), but sad to say that I have failed miserably on my first day #ButIJustWantToGoHomeAndMeetMyBed .______.

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