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Sastika's Ultimate Guide To Live The Best Days Of Your Life

Do I already sound like a life-pro from the title? Don't think the thoughts like "what in the world is wrong with this girl" already LOL. Now, if there's something I can be proud to tell about my life, that would be that I am living a super happy, full of blessings life. Of course it's not that I have no problems in life, but I just think life really is good to me.

Today, I want to share some principals that I have been living in, how I live my days. It's not just that I want to act teaching or thinking that I am better than any other people, but this is also the way I remind myself about how I should live my days if who knows, one day I'll be the one who need these. You know, just in case.

I believe happiness is a state of mind, not about what's been happening around you but the more like how you act and react to everything. So, here are my tips on how to live the best days of your life :))

Love Yourself (no matter how weird random you are)
I know there's many people out there who love me the way I am (like my Dad, my Mom, my Papa, my Mama, my Father, my Mother, LOL JK), but it's for sure that I am one of the ones who love Sastika most (sounds narcissistic much?). 

Matthew 22:39 says that we got to love our neighbor as ourselves. So, if you haven't even learned to love yourself, to treat yourself well, how can you go and love others? I learned that I got to treat people the way I want people to treat myself, don't you think that it's the same thing with treating others like the way you treat yourself? People will not appreciate you if you don't even know how to do to yourself.

I used to say this to a friend (and got laughed at, LOL), "Happiness begins when you started to love what you see in the mirror". I mean look at me, I realized that I ain't nothing like Miley Cyrus (?) or Raisa (LOLOLOL), but I still like what I see in the mirror, because I am me and I know that no one else is. Learn to accept yourself, both from the positive and negative sides and always know that you are precious. This is like the most basic idea of being happy, without this I don't think people will ever know how to be happy about their lives.

PS. The only thing I need to be careful about is, how not to love myself too much :))))))

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People
Everyone has got their own lives, they also deal with their own problems. Never think that your life is more miserable than other people, and so goes the other way. Don't think that you got way better life than other people that makes you think that you are far better than them.

I found that when I have started comparing myself to another person, it's the easiest way to bring myself down. And now that I learned it the hard way, I know that comparing myself to others does no good to me, so I stopped doing so. By the way, comparing lives and being motivated by other people are two different things. So as being motivated and being obsessed with other people's lives are different as well.

Care Less (not careless)
No matter how good or how bad you are, there will always be some people talking sh*t behind you. I have this principal that people's words or opinions towards us is like looking in the mirror. It's good to know how you appeared in front of it, if you look good or not, but when you cared too much about only what you see in the mirror or when you look just too much into it, that would definitely be the problem.

Of course this is not an excuse for being a douche bag. What I'm saying is that, even though what people think about you is important, but it's not the most important thing. What's most important is that you know who you are and if God approves, F what others say. It's your life anyway.

Eat Good Food
Forget love, I'd rather fall with chocolate donuts. Eating yummy things never fails to boost up my mood (except when I am on my mental breakdown, like when the nightmare of my thesis defense -I know I'm not myself anymore when green tea frappe and ayam goreng don't attract me- LOLOLOL). So while you can, go try food that you never do and make yourself happy. At this point I am not saying that you should go and get some diabetics but know the limit lar :)) 

Do Things That You Love
YOLO YOLO YOLO they say. Well, somehow it was true. You may only live your life once on the earth, so why waste the time doing things you hate? Go find your passion and pursue them, or you'll regret it when you're old and helpless. But be wise of course, don't waste time on useless things. Speaking of passion, it always inspires me whenever I see my dear friend, Jane, is being so passionate in doing things that she loves, writing. Me, myself? I have too much things that I love that I don't have time to do all of them LOLOL. I guess I really need to learn how to focus.

Set Goals
I realized whenever I'm running out of goals, I become confused about what I have to do in my life. I guess that is why we need goals. Not only because it brings excitements, but also because it gives us guidance about what we should do in our life. Start by making short-term goals, like yearly goals and by time learn to set life-time goals.

Those Little Things
Life is not a big thing, it is about gazillion little things. Don't take things for granted, moreover never take people for granted. Whatever they do, no matter how little it is, appreciate it. Thank God for them and those little things would be the pieces that make our imperfect lives perfect :)

Write Down Things That Make You Grateful
My 365 Days of Gratitude Project has helped me realize even more that my life is never out of blessings. I really think this is a very positive habit that I should keep. Every night before going to sleep, do a quick flashback in your mind about what has been happening on the day, and thank God for them and His guidance.

Travel To New Places
It's a huge world! Even when you have time to travel, it won't be enough for you to explore this whole world. So if you're not exploring, the loss is definitely yours. I say to myself that each year I have to send myself to somewhere new, to see things that I never saw, to experience things that I never did. If only I got the money and the time, I'd be traveling now, not sitting on my office desk and being so sleepy all the time LOL.

Live Everyday Like It Is Your Last
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." - Matthew 6:34. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet to come, so live today as the it is the very last day of your life and appreciate today. Do not be afraid of tomorrow for God is already there.

I've always been thinking if I'm going to die today, will I regret? I often find myself answering, "No, I will regret nothing". This thought has been helping me to live my life. Never leave regrets in your life, that is why make everyday counts by living it to the fullest. They said that you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. I approve :)

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