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What To Do When Stuck On Flood

Of course, paint your nails! This is dedicated to my love to donuts. Don't you think they are way too sweet, adorable, cute, good-looking, colorful, happy and everything good else? LOL. My friend Claudia brought me some of my new nail polish that I bought from Taobao and I am super happy! It was my very first time trying out the Matte About You polish too, and I'll have to say that I FREAKING LOVE IT! Though I'll have to admit too that I waited not long enough before applying the top coat that it kinda ruined the donuts. But still, they are cute, full stop. #LoveIsBlind

Not only they are adorable, but they also happen to be easy to create! I promise on the next time I'll do better on my nails, not only looking good on the tutorial. Now that I have these on my nails, I won't have to worry if I am running out of food while stuck in my room because of the flood. I can just eat my nails, right? #CreepyMuch? :)))

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