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This City

It's been quite a time since the last time I made some scratches here, right? Been back to J city for 3 weeks now and never had I expected that the first two weeks were going to be pretty.. umm how should I call it, interesting? 

I've always had this love and hate relationship with the city. But these days the hate feeling was dominating and that made me thinking about getting out of here as soon as I could. My thoughts and feeling were so strong that I thought that nothing would stop me. But, things might not always go the way we plan, right? Sometimes when you happen to decide things just in a night, it may lead you to something bad, well maybe not always, though. You know what I'm saying?

Now that I come to think about it again, maybe it's just that I needed to feel like I am achieving something, that I am doing something in my life. But that's what I didn't find here. Is escaping really is the answer to this? Well, I don't know. It may be, it may be not. Or maybe, it was just me being an attention seeking kid who was expecting people to comfort me. I don't know either.

Well, I made my decision, though. Leaving might be the best solution, but the time hasn't come yet. Meanwhile, I'll keep myself busy by doing something else. For now, it might be watching "Reply1994" :))

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