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To Another Start

Whoa it's been a month since the last time I blogged. It's not that I'm actually "that" busy, but life just keeps me going. If I have to recall it, this past month has been pretty.. exciting? I have been faced to new opportunities and been making new decisions that I know will affect much to my future.

Okay, the thing is I decided to quit from my current job. I braced myself to try and will have to start again from the beginning. Starting everything from zero is not easy at all but I have to try to figure it all out. Sometimes the fears about future, the thought about will-I-ever-make-it still haunt me but I shouldn't let them stop me from moving on, right?

I know that life is still full of uncertainties. This choice I made and every other choices I have made in the past will either bring me to the heaven I've been dreaming of, or the other way, a hell I never wanted to live in. But I was reminded that how we live everyday is what matters. When we choose to live life happily, to cherish every little thing around us, we'll find out that life isn't so bad after all, but when our mind is being trapped in the hell we own made, life's a misery for sure.

A friend keeps saying that I was such an optimist person, but.. was I really? I never really thought myself as one, sometimes I even thought that I was a perfect picture of what a naive person is. But when I thought more about it, if being so naive actually feels this good, I wouldn't mind at all being one :) 

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