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Look Who's Back

After the (another) long hiatus, I'm back to remind myself that I owned a blog hahahaha. How have you all been doing? Well if you're asking me, then I will say that I am just fine as I always was. Life has always been good and there are always new blessings to cherish everyday. Days have their own ways to keep me busy and I guess that is one of many reasons why time feels like flying, or even maybe jumping for a very high cliff with a very high speed, I mean even like working days feel like passing so fast - don't even mention weekends. But I like busy, busy makes me happy.

The strange thing is, even when you think you are happy with what you have and what you are now, sometimes you may forget that a short time break can make you feel even better. Just like me, I spent some couple hours at my room today doing nothing (which is rare), taking a short nap, listening to my old iPod, taking some random pictures of my belongings (and of course some shameless selfies), and it felt sooooo good. And now I am sitting with my noisy computer, writing a super random blog post and I feel even happier. I think this is a good self reminder that sometimes we do need that today-I-don't-feel-like-doing-anything kinda day, once in a while. We deserved it anyway. 

Alright then, my babbling is getting even more random than how I expected it would turn out to be. I'll try updating the blog with some photos I got from the past weekend. Hope that I'll make it happen, ciao!

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