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About Twenty Two

I am that person who never really thinks too much about days that were have gone or there is to come. But this time this came up to my mind, "Listen, you're 23 now". Man, where have all the days gone?

The good thing is, I did not act like when I was turning 22. The day before my birthday this year, I actually acted pretty cool like it was an ordinary day like others, and even at the D-day, I did not freak out like I used to - I'm feeling pretty mature already lar (LOL kidding).

I used to think to myself that the age limit for someone before he turned into an adult is 22. After that, you're fully a grown up and you have to do what it is an adult does and of course you're going to have to think like the way an adult does. Well after all the things that has happened, I think my thought has been walking the right direction.

To me, the age of 22 was the age of experiencing. A lot of things have happened, and a lot has changed. There are things that I thought would not became reality but they did and also those that I thought would happen or at least remain the same, didn't. But they already told us that things are always like that, didn't they? 

22 has told me to do whatever you wanted while you are still able to do so, not to let fear or doubt stops you from heading to a better place, and also that it is okay to sometimes make wrong decisions - you'll learn things from them. It also taught me that, growing up is not something that is to be afraid of, but instead a land to grow yourself to a better human-being.

Dear 22, thank you for taking me to new places, thank you for meeting me with those new people and thank you for letting me experience things I wanted to. I know there are still a lot more to come and embrace, but I enjoyed having you and I am going to keep you as a part of those beautiful memories I have collected. So 23, you better be good :)

At the same time, I also wanted to thank my special friends lar, who made my day even brighter. Thank you GBI GZ fellas for the earlier surprise, Ci Felly and Ci Meycia for the morning cake and bakmi panjang umur (hihi), my dearest Jane for the black forest cake that she sent to my office - even some my colleagues envy me - PS. where's my birthday card? :( haha oh right also for Etin (I know you're going to read this), thank you for being so sweet berusaha mencarikan saya apa yang saya mau - walaupun akhirnya saya tidak membantu sama sekali, but I am expecting you to surprise me yaa hihi. 

Gosh I still have some long list to thank. Thank you Grace's dormitory family for the Hello Kitty wannabe cake, my Palmers family for the burger cake and all my dear friends for the greetings and wishes. Last but of course not least, my most beloved family, Pa Ma Koko and Xmei, especially for the angpau (LOL). I said I got some long list but ended up just saying a few, yeah right banget hahaha.

Good bye twenty two, thanks for the memories.

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