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Evening Union

Glad to be back to my this home: le blog! I might as well turn this blog back to my online photo diary, but it's nothing wrong, is it? These days I've been looking back to my old posts and I realized how I missed putting pictures to my blog than just having one photo for each post like what I've been doing lately.

Okay, here goes the story. Basically this bakery called Union is what I heard as one of the hippest bakery slash cafe in town where many Jakartans come to eat (and of course to take Instagram photos). So did I make the appointment with Agustine and brought along Prisca to try out this place! 

People have been saying that their red velvet cake is the best in town and of course I thought I shouldn't have missed it in my order. On my first bite, it was pretty good, but you know.. not that kinda "WOW" I was expecting. Guess the high expectation is due to the recommendation the people have been telling - or maybe it's just me and my kampong taste :)) By the way we also tried out Nastar Crumble and PB & J cake, they were pretty good too, but my advice is to share a piece of cake with another person or else you'll end up feeling eneg like we did LOL.

Anyway, I was sooooo happy today for the date we three had and hope that there will be more chances like this. And like always, I still hope that I'll be updating my blog more often LOL. Enough with today's story then, see you when I see you!

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