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20 Facts You (Might or) Might Not Know About Me

Okay, the thing is I got tagged also lah to do this and some have been requesting me also. I was in doubt whether I should have done this, but you know, people can do everything when they have nothing to do. The reason I'm doing this on the blog is because I talk too much that my Instagram feed won't fit. Hey, it rhymes!

1. I hate it when my phone rings.
Because I hate long conversations on the phone, because I hate it when my ears got super red and how they feel like they are burning because of talking too long on the phone. Besides, nowadays it's rarely good news when it comes to phone rings, is it not?

2. Going to supermarkets is one of many things that makes me happy.
Maybe it's because I love to see things being displayed so tidy and colorful. I don't know, there's just something about supermarkets that excites me. I never mind going on grocery shopping alone.

3. I wish nose picking are allowed to do freely in public.
I mean like, everybody does that. Why don't we just make it 'legal' then? Why should we feel ashamed just to clean our own nose? Why? Why? 

4. My most favorite blog is my own blog.
Ya you know how shameless sometimes I get. But hey, I have reasons to it. My blog is where I found memories about me and my most beloved people. That one is acceptable, right? Beside, look at how neat this blog is! *smirking*

5. My temper goes really bad when I haven't washed my hair.
I wash my hair every freaking single day. Believe me, you don't want to mess with Sastika-yang-kemarin-ga-sempet-keramas. I wouldn't either. 

6. I used to love texting.
I could get really talkative, talking to anybody - as long as it's instant messaging, not phone calls (you still remember point number 1?). But now, err I don't know. I tend go ignore text messages or either just replying in short words, like just "okay", "got it" or things alike. But ignoring sometimes also because forget lah, not because I am always that cold LOL #NgelesAjaLo

7. Most of my outfits are in either black or dark blue
Gurl, when you have a pear body with extra upsized thigh and betis and feet, you'll know why. 

8. I listen to the same songs for years.
Some songs have been played for hundred times, as said on my mini iPod. Just as an example, "I'm Yours" by The Script has never left my iPod playlist.

9. Never been good in physics, chemistry and biology.
Even I wonder how did I manage to survive high school. 

10. I never know what I wanted to do.
I used to dream of being a teacher. The other day, I wanted to become a preacher. The next day, I wanted to sell Tupperwares. After that, I wanted to work in offices. Now, I long to start my own business. At the end, I realized that all I wanted was money #duh #cheapo.

11. I tried my best to love books.
But I just don't. The only one that managed to interest me most was.. guess what? The Twilight saga series. Finished the whole four books in a week - call that an achievement.

12. I'd rather skip meals than sleep. 
I sleep around 10 hours per day. I think I learned this from my Mom. Don't ask about how I am still not skinny because I don't freaking know. 

13. I'm not a tomboy.
Many people saw me as one, but to my personal believing, I am more to a neutral one, if you know what I mean. I may not be girly, but at the same time not boyish as well. 

14. I eat tissues, well of course not literally. 
I tend to waste a lot of tissues, name it when I eat, going to the toilet, wiping things etc. I'm trying to change this habit though. Go green, yes? 

15. I classified people I know into two different types. 
First, the ones I trust. The other one is those I don't. If you always come late on appointments with me, then you automatically become type number two. Congratulations, I guess?

16. I have huge obsessions to babies cheeks.
But I have some pretty high standards. Them cheeks have to be extra big and usually they are best squeezed while babies are below three years old (if that even makes sense). It does not make me wanting the same cheeks anyway #MineIsBigEnoughThankYou

17. I hate being late.
That kinda explains why I hate when people are late. It kinda frustates me when the reason I was late to an appointment is because of somebody else. 

18. I'm a quite a keeper.
Usually the things I used with last for some long period. Another thing is that I tend to keep "useless" stuffs just because I thought it contains memories in it, like how I kept some sticky notes that's written "kunci kamar cadangan" just because my roommate wrote it for me when giving me some extra room keys. That is how I got all of my super random things in my keeping. Sometimes I get melancholic too, ya know?

19. I hate parties.
Haha have you noticed already how many times I say "hate" words? Relax, I'm not that hateful actually. I kinda prefer small meetings with less people where they were talking to each other about the same topics instead of small groups discussions in a big group meeting, if you know what I mean.

20. I think I am the most blessed person in the world.
A lot of people might think the same about themselves, which is good. But I personally was always in awe when I think of what God has done in my life, how I could have everything I might have not deserved, how I am such imperfect but still He loves me. I am thankful. 

Hello, are you still with me? Whoa I can't believe you also have nothing to do that you have time to read all these stuffs (LOL kidding). Alright, I hope anybody will find this fascinating, even when I doubt it will LOL. As I am typing this I was currently in a pretty decent mood so please don't mind me when I talked (or literally typed) too much. Ciao!

Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self

1. "Ignorance is a bliss. Every body always has something to say from their point of view but the thing is not all of them are the same. You don't have to listen to every single thing people say about you, it is okay to be just the "you" version of you. What people say about you does not matter, it doesn't define who you are anyway."

2. "Live with no regrets. As they say everything happens for some reasoning, what you decided has made you who you are now. It is okay that you made mistakes, who didn't? At the end, you'll be thankful that you made mistakes, because you learned things from them. Because sometimes people just don't learn until they make mistakes, do they?"

3. "Trying too hard just to fit in is never necessary. Being the popular kid with hell lot of friends does not always mean having the best life. It is okay if you just have a few friends, as long as they can accept you and your silly acts, without trying to change things about you."

4. "No boy is worth your teenage years. No no, I didn't say that, it is Hayley who did. But you know what, she is right about that. It is the time for you to go explore the world, and to explore yourself as well. Go outside and find out new things are everywhere waiting for you to be discovered. Play, have fun and laugh as hard as you can. Love can wait, there will be time for it, maybe later."

5. "Take more pictures. Moments eventually will turn themselves into memories so the best thing you can do about it is to capture them and keep them as the sweetest memories. Yes, even selfie's with the camera so close with your face (like what you always did) is acceptable".

6. "School grades is not that important, not that much. I'm telling you this not because you did care so much about it though, well great job you did there. Very well done, my friend."

7. "People change, so do you. Those whom you thought will be like your BFF, guess what - they aren't here anymore. It's okay, no need to freak out. It is just a part of the process of growing up that you are being put into."

8. "Don't change because people told you to. Change because you wanted to, change because you wanted to become better, change because you know it's good for you."

9. "Listen to Pa and Ma. Let me tell you something scary but true: parents are always right. Even when they are not, what they prioritize is always things that will do you good. Even when you really feel like not listening, tell them and listen to what they have to say."

10. "What's it with the zig zag fringe? Just why? LOL."

11. "Time heals everything. When I say everything, believe me it is true. Even when you're feeling shitty about your life, the good news is it won't last long, well not for too long - at least. The next day, it will feel a lot better. If it does not, see again the next day."

12. "Thank you, you did well. Even with everything weird you did, how crazy you may turn out to be, of all mistakes you have done, every choice you made, I am proud of you."

Nail Art Dummy

I think no matter when I will always keep declaring myself as a nail art dummy. It's been years since I started painting my nails but I'm not even improving #sigh. 

So I finally managed to do myself some nail painting after a more than three months hiatus - I barely even touched my nail polish. Anyway I am hoping that I'll start doing this more often too so that I do not waste my nail polish (I feel like saying this all the time LOL). This time's manicure is inspired by some random nail art I saw at Instagram, but somehow none of my friends were able to tell what I was doing. Can you?

Well, if you can't tell, I'll do then LOL. It's basically another floral nail art, but is it that hard to tell that those are flowers? Guess again I'll have to need more and more practice.