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Nail Art Dummy

I think no matter when I will always keep declaring myself as a nail art dummy. It's been years since I started painting my nails but I'm not even improving #sigh. 

So I finally managed to do myself some nail painting after a more than three months hiatus - I barely even touched my nail polish. Anyway I am hoping that I'll start doing this more often too so that I do not waste my nail polish (I feel like saying this all the time LOL). This time's manicure is inspired by some random nail art I saw at Instagram, but somehow none of my friends were able to tell what I was doing. Can you?

Well, if you can't tell, I'll do then LOL. It's basically another floral nail art, but is it that hard to tell that those are flowers? Guess again I'll have to need more and more practice.


  1. I can see thats a floral nail art (seriously am not cheating), because you are not dat bad :D pleaseee bring some your babies here and do my nails :*

  2. sik asik ada yang ngenalin hahaha. okaaay will doo :) request aja mau apa jadi dibawain toolsnya yaa teheeeeee.