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Bali Photo Diary #1 - Mister Sun, Please Calm Down A Bit!

(1) Brunch at Sisterfields, Seminyak. I heard that this place has brought a pretty big hype at the Instagram, so I asked Jane to bring me here, not a bad place at all to me.
(2) There's a lot of places that is so "Instagram-genic" that when you actually went there, they're not actually that, you know, cool - LOL. So we also went to Sea Circus, because I saw on Instagram that it's pretty cool, but when I got there, there's nothing much as I expected - went there only to take photos but didn't manage to capture any, so here you go, some random becak.
(3) Grabbed lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah near Kuta. Wait, Jakarta also has one? Err, it must has tasted better since I ate it at Bali, right? Right?
(4) My ice cream failed me at being photogenic.
(5) Waiting for the sun to set. It was already almost 5 PM but the sun was still shining so proud.
(6) You're literally standing on one of the most famous beach located in one of happiest island on earth, why so sad, buddy?
(7) Some random foreigner came at us and said, "Could you please look after my belongings while I go for some quick swim?" then left his things just like that. Well, he did return fast from his quick swim, though.
(8) Playing with instax.
(9) Sunset at Kuta, check.

Finally, time to post this holiday post. It has been some great days spent in Bali, along with my super nice tour guide slash photographer, Jane. Bali was extremely hot during the day and I couldn't even manage to stay outside for too long. So did we wait at Mc Donald's, eating ice cream, charging phone batteries #fakircolokan, and when the time has come, we straightly crossed the street and went to the beach! I envy those who stay in Bali for how close they are from the beach. When you feel like doing nothing, just go to the beach! When you want to hear the sound of the wind and wave, just go to the beach! Hmmm I guess everything will sound fun done at the beach, don't you agree?

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