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Bali Photo Diary #2 - I Wish I Could Stay

I'd better get the photos posted before it gets too long after the vacation. It's almost a month since le vacation! But I'm soooooo excited of the upcoming month, because.. just because it's freaking December! Oh right, the photos.

Those are some pictures of my second day at Bali. We took the honeymoon couple, Ko Rudi and Ci Lusi along with us and went to Uluwatu to explore the infamous Pandawa beach and also at the evening to Jimbaran for of course, the seafood.

My trip to Bali has been one very great and memorable trip, all thanks to le tour guide, Miss Jane. I really wished I could stay longer (or maybe for good? LOL) there. But I have a great feeling that I'll be back to island soon enough and will be able to see and experience some other awesomeness. Wait for my comeback, Bali! - and also Miss Bali (Jane, yes it's you haha) :P

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