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10 Things I'll Always Be Thankful For

I was so inspired by this post from my dearest friend, Jane. When I read at her post, I told myself that I got to do one too. So, here is what I could come up with at this moment:

1. Being able to be alive and see and hear and taste and touch and feel things. The last time I went to church I heard the preacher mentioning about some who have not been able to see anything since they were born. Guess I shouldn't have taken my (kinda-blurred-but-still) perfect vision and many other uses of my body parts for granted. I can't imagine if I can no longer witness the beauty of the blue sky and starry nights, that sounds too scary for me. Don't even let me think about not being able to taste good food #scarieststoryever

2. Family that is not perfect, but perfect just as it is. Sometimes I nag at my parents, sometimes I pissed them off, the other time I shouted at my brother or sister or they do to me, but family will stick together as one, no matter what comes ahead, through thick and thin.

3. Having friends that are too caring, loving and supporting. No matter what I am doing or what I am being through, it's good to know that there are always some people that I know they got my back.

4. Endless supply of blessings. There are always some new ones every single day!

5. I set the air conditioner in my room to be automatically switched on every 7 PM. Every time I am back from the office and finding out it's still not on yet - it has always been a pleasant little surprise #baladalembur #baladatukangkeluyuran #baladatukangcarimakan

6. Those little things that I can't live without, some of the world's best invention ever but sometimes be taken for granted: warm blanket, hot shower, hair dryer, nail clipper, and many others.

7. Internet and a whole new world it takes me to.

8. Being currently single. I have plenty of time I can spend on myself, playing with my friends, knowing new people, exploring new things and every other lessons and experiences being single has taught me and let me do.

9. My blog, my gratitude journal, notes, handwritten letters and cards, photos and every other thing that are always there to remind me that I am one super blessed person and I don't have any reason to be complaining or not being grateful, not even any.

10. Nasi padang, and its other amazing fellas grouped in a category called "food".

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