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2014 in Review

Finally! I too am excited to finally be back on leaving scratches on le blog. Well, the plan was actually to write more things about le daily life or whatsoever I thought worth-publishing, but turns out it became another post about a year that has gone. Man, I am still in awe that 12 months already passed since the last time I wrote this post. *insert the signature "Time sure does fly" phrase here*

Anyway, 2014 has been a great year, though I am not really sure that I could recall it as the best year of my life. That is so because I believe there will be some other years to come that will be even greater, even better than the twenty fourteen. Can I hear an Amen to that?

January: celebrating new year with friends at Puncak // first ever experience of le famous "banjir" in J city // GBI GZ COOL at Jakarta began for the first time // having some friends coming home from Guangzhou // baby Flindt broke his hand but he's been fine // serial finished: To The Beautiful You // home trip and meeting dear family and friends // celebrating CNY at hometown (and got to play with super duper cute baby Flindt!)

February: Danau Toba with all family members // pertama kali kenalan sama pensil alis LOL (why didn't I get along with this magic invention earlier?) // my "mellow" side strikes but I survived, it bothered me quite a lot that time, though // having le sister coming to Jakarta // serial finished: Carrie Diaries Season 2 // booked my cheap flight tickets to Bali (500K for round-trip, it was quite a deal! // game of the month: Cookie Run

March: le bro's graduation, and I got to get back home again and met my family // baby Flindt's injured hand was healed // serial finished: Reply 1994 // le cousin, Deny, got promoted to Surabaya on his job // Felly's lamaran // launching www.sastikataniady.com wohooo! // finished 4th Bible reading // interviewing for a new job, made another life decision to leave my current job that time, which I know was a right thing to do

April: spent a lot of good times with friends // enjoying last days working at Daqing // serial finished: Emergency Couple // got to get home (again!) and celebrated Papa's birthday also resting before starting new job! // book read: The Fault in Our Stars // game of the month: 2048

May: moving out to Karawaci (Grace's Dormitory it is!) // starting my days at Terry Palmer Indonesia // meeting a lot of new people and making good friends with them // le brother made a visit and we had sushi together // baby Flindt was already two! // Rex's puppies birth, one named Fighter passed out // song of the month: Tak Kemana-mana

June: being so into politics, which is rare, which I no longer am LOL // buying my first ever sport shoes // getting along with office colleagues // my Amah was coming to town! // pocketing NPWP (LOL) // getting myself a fish tank, which lasted for about 2 weeks before all the fish died (some were killed by me though, I think it was the last two) // moved to my current room 

July: our new president, Mr Jokowi, is up! // Bogor trip with friends // a lot of "buka bersama" treat LOL // game of the month: Let's Get Rich (I didn't get rich for playing, though) // long holiday for Lebaran! // another homecoming trip and meeting dear family again // joined insurance #penting #pakebangetya

August: another Bogor culinary day trip // cut hand epic tragedy // finally starting my first run (which only lasts for.. two weeks. what an irony) // my very first ever business trip, to Shanghai! - so happy to be back to China again, though it was exhausting, but I was very happy

September: turning 23 but not feeling gloomy, I call that a good thing // birthday surprises and also presents made my month even brighter // being quite busy at work // my first ever credit card got approved - kinda made me happy because a lot of people say it's not that easy to acquire KK BCA #pentingjuga // game of the month: Disney Tsum-Tsum

October: spent a lot of good times with friends // getting some pairs of new glasses for cheap prices! // my new camera arrived! // serial finished: Fated to Love You - Korean version // IKEA with friends which made me super happy that day, I don't know why

November: Ci Lusi got married // spending some time with Jane while she's in town // my super exciting Bali trip! // a month with a lot of treat, like seriously I hope this happens more often LOL #kiampa // we actually had a new car to drive to the office, me and my dorm-mates were hyper-excited about it LOL // improved my driving skill, I actually can drive and park by my own now, yay!

December: starting my small business (hopefully) as a baby step for a better opportunities in the future // Christmas gathering at office and also with GBI GZ fellas // my good friends, Andrew and Bagoes proposed to their girlfriends at the same day! // new valuable experience where I learned not to lie and had bad intention when I wanted a good result // Diana's visit to Jakarta // having my first hair cut after 1.5 years! // being home for Christmas! // met some old friends and had crazy laugh together // finished my 5th Bible reading, starting fresh on the new year! // new year's eve with friends and watching fireworks

By the way, while writing this I just realized that I've been home for 5 times last year, I really didn't realize that LOL. 2014 has been such a blessing to me and I'm happy, I am thankful for every minute that has happened. 

To 2015, I actually have some expectations that I wish I can accomplish or MAYBE can happen naturally in their own way. I have this feeling that this year may not be easy, but I know that as long as I am doing the right thing, everything will be just fine. Beside, what can really go bad when you have one awesome Daddy with you, right?

I am not hoping 2015 to surprise me, instead I am challenging myself to bring out the even more positive version of myself, do more goods to people (including myself), stop doing things that bring no good contribution to my future and everything else. Well, we'll see how well/bad I'll behave then :)


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  2. Makasih ya buat pembaca setia akuh nih ta kasih lope ♥

  3. Itu foto profile-nya ganti dong uda ga relevan sama berat badan yang sekarang *WAKWAW*