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Catching Up With Myself

By the time I am writing this, it will be another long weekend for the mayday. I realized that I haven't been updating my blog for almost two months and meanwhile, two of my friends just made some great blog posts (Jane with the very interesting "10 Secrets from Ex-Starbucks Barista You Might Want to Know" and Ci Fanny with her super duper crazily pretty and well written post for her first day exploring Kyoto), I suddenly felt pumped to make myself some new post - though it is nothing comparing to the level of awesomeness of my friends' posts.

So, here are some of my life updates for the past two months. These two months quite belong to the hectic ones, but overall I've been enjoying them and surely am thankful for them too.

1. My Mayo Diet Experience
You might want to google it if you have no idea what a mayo diet is, but I personally think it was one quite pointless thing I decided to do, and it's quite a waste of money (trust me I paid a price for it). But anyway, it was worth an experience - at least I know never to try it again any time in the future.

2. People Come, People Go
In just two months, I've been saying farewell to three colleagues of mine. It did make me sad, but I personally think that if the path they chose will lead them to a better future, then they should really go and work their best for it.

3. My Sister's Wedding
Felly, who happened to be a very good friend of mine (also acknowledged as a sister already, LOL), finally tied the knot with the love of her life, Arnold. We prepared her a bridal shower a few weeks before the day, and I also happened to become one of her bridesmaids, which was a first experience for me too.

4. Work Trip to Hong Kong
To be honest, I wasn't really wanting to go for the overseas work because I thought that I have loads of work waiting for me to be done. But after I left for HK, I realized that it wasn't really that bad, at least a week working away (not at the office) did give some kind of fresh air for myself, which is good.

5. Papa's Birthday
It was my Papa's birthday two days ago! He's getting 48 this year, I guess - which made me think that it is actually my time already to make him (and Mama) happy, not just telling them what I wanted to do for my own happiness.

Well, those are what I could come up with for le life updates. By the way, I'm planning to spend the weekend staying at le dorm and doing nothing - hopefully it will prevent me from spending money on things that is not really necessary LOL.

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