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What's Been On My Mind Lately

1. Well, this may be just me and my silly thoughts, but I noticed that me, myself, is getting more an 'adult' these days - well I mean physically. I felt like when I see myself in the mirror, I don't see it the way I did. I really thought I saw someone different, someone more mature (again, physically), and actually I felt strange about it, like I'm not used to it. I think I'm losing some of my baby face, but sadly not the baby fat (still, LOL). Seriously guys, is this even normal to think this way?

2. Faced some pretty serious matter that I caused myself, though it's not that kinda 'dangerous' problems that you see in the movies, but it's just a thing that had been bothering me for some pretty long time. Again, it is about decision-making and during the process of it, I learned from a friend that sometimes when you changed your mind or plans about your future, it does not always mean that you're a 'labile' person, but instead, it is a good sign for you because it shows that you do think about your future, which is again I say, good for you.

3. I realized that I am still such a weak when it comes to 'not-worrying' thing, so did it happen to me when I was during the phase of 'decision-making' that I stated before. But I was really really thankful that God keeps reminding me that I should not worry a thing because He exists. I was reminded that every single step that I took has always been by God's grace and the each step that I will take in the future is also already in His coverage. Been living by grace, and will always do. 

4. A co-worker just told me this afternoon that it's good for me that I was surrounded by good people because if there is anyone who wanted to harm me, it would be so easy since I tend to trust anyone easily and do not really think negative. I do think to myself too that sometimes I can't even know if I am a positive-thinker or am I just a plain naive silly girl. But at the other hand I also do know some people who were always full of negativity, who always thought that people have intentions to do bad things to them, and I witness how they are not happy with it. So I came to a conclusion that if being a naive person can make you happy and live in peace, then why not right?

5. Had some strange dreams last night which made me think that dreams (as in dreams literally) are scary, because most of the time you really are not aware that you're in it and there is almost no way to escape them #SupaRandom

6. Though it's not like the month is going to end in a day or two, but honestly to me, May has been pretty difficult for me, dealing with everything. And I didn't expect this. Too many dramas happening, too many tears wiped (I swear I am not usually into tears, but this just happened), too many doctor seeing in a month (from 'sakit mata' to severe allergic to 'sakit telinga', like seriously Sas?) and too many surprises that I didn't know will happen this soon. So I have put a really big hope that for the last 10 days this month has, please May, please give me a break.


  1. Let me give you a big warm hug *pelukteletubies*
    Adult life never easy yaa, I feel you so much. Tapi proses menjadi dewasa selalu nggak enak, we have been through that phase before when we turned 20, hrsnya ini bukan a big deal ya, next level cyinn. Maap ya dalem, aku anaknya papa jo LOL cheer up, Sas! xoxo

  2. Whoaaa thanks a lot for the support (for your daddy's too LOL). Yea I am not complaining though in this post, just yea to remind myself years later what went through this mind hahaha gaya bener yaa. Ayu dong kapan kamu ke Jakarta meet up T^T