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Looking Back to 2016

Whaaaaaaaaat, it has been the time to make another year-end review again? How did time fly that fast? I woke up this morning and when I realized that it was the last day of 2016, it kinda freaked me out a little. I secretly hoped that it was just another regular Saturday, but oh well, as usual, here are some of the most memorable moments in 2016, my version of course. (Plus pictures of my beloved )

1. Moving Out Pt. I
From our factory office in Karawaci, we finally moved out to a new office location in Serpong (which had a very cool Instagram-worthy wall). Besides, I also moved to a new living place (shout out to the Samarados!) and my room was very comfy I can't even! See the first photo of this post? It was one part of the room and don't you agree that it looked so comfy?

2. Malaysia Shopping Spree
Spent 3 days there with le mom and sis, we ate good food, we shopped a lot and the most important of all, we shared good times together :)

3. Black Valentine's at Bandung
Definitely the best people to hang out with on Valentine's day if you're a single, like me ;) We stayed in a super cute small hotel and of course, had a lot of fun together (though in the photo, it might not seem like so, LOL)

4. That Day When My Bro Fell Sick
Though this surely doesn't really count as a "happy" memory, but I really felt like this unfortunate event had really showed me how God can work his goodness even in the worst situation. I truly had experienced how God has allowed us to stay strong and in faith during all things that happened, and I can't express how thankful I am to have such a big God who is always there for me and my family :') PS. My bro is getting better already, all thanks to God and all the supports you guys have given to us :)

5. Yogyakarta Bound!
It was my first time ever visiting Jogja and the experience I had was too precious. I got to spend a lot of good times with two of my good girlfriends slash sisters and I also saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen in my life so far! Read more about it here.

6. The Road to Singapore
Not too long after Yogyakarta, me and Agustine went to Singapore for a short weekend getaway, and it was my first time too going there. We surely walked a lot until my legs almost couldn't handle it. I blogged about it too and I personally think the photos were pretty well-taken, so why not check it here?

7. Baby Showers Marathon
One came right after the other, and guess what? The babies too came not too long one after the other. We were super glad to welcome baby Josh and baby Ken to this world. Auntie Sas loves both of you even before you guys were here, will you know that? 

8. One Day with The Abigails
It was one of the most memorable trip I made too this year, so happy to be able to spare a day to spend with the kiddos and see their smiles. It wasn't us who came to bless them, but they were the ones who blessed us with their smiles and laughter :)

9. Turned A Quarter Century Old
Hey, this is a huge milestone! Twenty freaking five, man! LOL just kidding. But really, turning 25 has been a very memorable moment too, and I was really happy that day. I was thankful that God never forgets to remind me on how blessed I am, all by His grace.

10. GBI Guangzhou 2016 Reunion Camp

Inside Out! What more can I say? The three days two nights were well spent, not only because we were able to meet the long lost good friends, but the preaches told were so inspiring and strengthening. Bet all the participant of the camp felt the same way like I did.

11. I Quit My Job
Surely was one of the biggest decision I made this year. As what I have said here, it wasn't an easy decision but I believed everything will work for goodness and what was more important that I had learnt a lot of expensive lessons that even money couldn't afford, also I earned myself so many good brothers and sisters that I'll treasure all my life :)

12. Moving Out Pt. II

Two times in a year, really? Now that I think about it again, I surely had a lot of energy to do that, remembering how tiring moving out is. Well, now finally I am back home! Life here surely doesn't guarantee will get easier, but for whatever it is, I believe that God will work his grand plan to make me a blessing anywhere I go :)

13. Getting Myself A New Ride
I shared it with my sister, though. Also, we got help from our parents on the down payment, but I still thought this could be a baby step for us before one day I'll be paying for my own ride. For now, I shall love the beautiful white baby with all my heart LOL.

14. My First Ever Teacher's Day..
As a teacher! I didn't mention before that I decided to work as an educator at a school, did I? But well, now you know! So far, I have been enjoying every second at work these past three months, no complaints at all! Those kiddos always know how to make me angry then smile the very next second and I love them! I know surely that I still got a long way to learn to be a good teacher, but promise I'll try my best :)

15. Le Granny Turned 80
So we all went home to our hometown. She had no idea that all her children all the way from the other cities would come home and celebrate her birthday with her. I heard that she shed tears once she found out about it. I was so happy to see her happy because happiness is all she deserved and I too was thankful to see how her children loved her so much, I felt really really grateful to be raised in such loving big family :')

These brought back a lot of good memories and gave me mixed feelings. I just couldn't believe that a year has passed just like that, I even can still remember clearly what I did and even what I wore on the first day of 2016! But anyhow, of course I would say that I am nothing but thankful for everything that has happened. For the good things, I am thankful, for the bad things too I am grateful.

This probably is the first time I didn't write any specific goals for the upcoming year. I just wished that in next year, I'll learn to be even more thankful, to trust God even more in anything that happens, to have that strength to believe that even when things get tough, I will never be alone because I have the almighty God who is beside me.

2016 has been one great chapter of my life that I know I will never forget, but still I will embrace 2017 and see what it has in store for me. So, shall we just see then?

2016 Inside Out

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.."

We have been starting to plan this event for more than half a year and we were so thankful that this event was a wrap! I really witnessed how God has 'spoken' to each of the participant and how this event has re-burned that 'fire' inside us all. 

Not only we have spent some good times with the good old friends, we also learned how we should build what is inside us, so that we can go outside and reach for more people so that the also can see and feel God's big love for us.

Though this event may come to an ending, but I believe this is not the end of everything, instead this is a very start for us to go and make more people know Jesus everywhere we can :)

2 Years 5 Months

Guess what? Well, those who read this most probably have known it anyway LOL, I.. finally decided to quit my job. It wasn't quite an easy decision to make, but well at the same time, it wasn't that difficult either.. I just knew that it had been the time.

These years I had experienced a lot of good things, challenges at workplaces, but the most important thing for me was that I got to meet these great people. I am and will always be thankful to once be a part of this great team. It has never been a single dull day at the office because of these guys. They are crazy as they could be, but at the same time they never fail to bring me happiness and laughter.

Again, thank you guys for being a great part of my life, thank you for contributing a lot of joy in it. I wish you guys tons of luck for the future, and surely we'll meet again soon, at the top :)

Oh, just in case if anyone's wondering, I am now back at my hometown, preparing to start my new job, enjoying my eat-sleep-repeat cycle, and yeah, still trying to adapt to some new changes in life and embracing them :) It feels good to be able to be home and be with the ones you love and believe that this will be a good start of another exciting journey.

A Quarter

When I was younger I used to think that 25 will be the age where I am already steady with my career, owning my own house or maybe a car I always wanted, and probably getting married. But guess what, none of them has really come true. 

At the age of 25, I am still struggling. Still fighting to live my life better, still trying to find a way to grow myself even more, but one thing that I always know for sure.. I am happy

Having goals or things to achieve in life, making plans and trying to make them happen, sometimes failing and feeling like giving up, that joy when you achieve something you want; all those experiences that have accompany me along this walk of life really do remind me that I am indeed a one blessed soul. 

I am thankful that at this age I no longer see things the way I did. I am glad that God has reminded me that all things that matter the most in life are not those things. It's not about a job that make you tons of money, nor a big house or that fancy car, it's about something else.

There's this thing that has come to my mind lately, something about happiness. Some people say that we got to aim for our own happiness, that sometimes it's okay to be selfish as long as you're happy. But what I learned so far, I know I won't be happy if my happiness ruins my loved ones'. I am happy when they are, when I can see smiles on their faces, I know I will be happy for them too. 

One time I was reminded that Lord Jesus himself has never even once lived for himself. He has dedicated all his life serving people, starting right from the day he was born until the day he has died at the cross. What a dedication, really. 

Now, after all that I've been receiving, for all those blessings I have even lost count to, I really feel like I wanted to give back. I wanted to invest, I wanted to contribute, in others' life. I wanted to know that what I do actually make other people's life better, if that even makes sense.  I am not yet to be too sure about what I have to do but I know that there will be ways God can use my life as his tool, to show people about love and share them THE joy. I know it might not always be an easy road, but yeah we'll see. 

25 used to scare me quite much, but thankfully it is actually not as terrifying as I thought it would be. I am honestly really, really happy with what I am doing now. This is finally the time when I am no longer on diet (yeah, you heard it right!), when the numbers of followers I have on Instagram doesn't even bother me anymore like it used to, when I'm no longer constantly seeking for a getaway to escape life's mess and living according to people's expectation doesn't exist anymore in my to-do-list, because I know at the end, those are not the things that count, if you know what I mean. 

I know my life is nowhere near perfect, but I am relieved to know that it doesn't need to be and will never need to. I realized that we don't need life to be perfect to show people that God's love is real in each of us and even through imperfections in life it can be a great opportunity for us to show how God really could work his magical way in our lives :)

Wow wow that was some really serious talk going on right there, wasn't it? I didn't plan for it to turn that serious though. But well that is what came to my mind when I decided to write this post, it just went that way. Please bear with me, kay?

Now let's talk about something more fun, like what I did on the day I am officially a quarter century old. I woke up feeling pretty excited though I have told myself not to be too thrilled. It was a pretty beautiful sunny morning and I was thankful for it. One of the first things I did was checking the mirror if by any chance there'd be any changes on my face when I turned 25. Apparently nothing had really changed, except that I earned myself two new acne spots on my face (wait.. what?).

It felt really good to received so many warm messages and blessings from those loved ones. My colleagues prepared a warm birthday celebration for me with a cake and a box of delicious martabak. I am grateful to receive so much love from them.

What I wasn't expecting is that my housemate and two other good girl friends welcomed me home with the sweetest surprise. I was so touched I didn't know how to react. Those things have definitely made me feel so happy and thankful. I really had no idea what I had done well to have me deserve all these good treatments, at some points I really felt like I didn't deserve them T____T

But at the end of the day, all I wanted to say is that I am happy, even more thankful. Thank you to everyone who has made my day a lot brighter than the usual days, thank you for always reminding me that I am always blessed and thank you for letting me sleep with a huge smile on my face :)

25 Lessons on Being 25

  1. You don't need to befriend everyone, it's not like you got time for all that anyway.
  2. Hearts can heal - they will find their way and they never fail to, as long as you give them enough time and you're willing to let go of the pain of the past. 
  3. Bad things happening doesn't always mean that you're a bad person. Sometimes they do because they just need to and no matter how hard or awful the situation is, believe that you'll learn at least a thing or two from them. 
  4. What you think of yourself, you become. As much as you can't let other people bring you down by the way you let them treat you, do not ever let any negative sound in your head give you false understanding about who you are or who you need to be. 
  5. All you can hold in your hand is only today, you have no access key for tomorrow since it isn't even certain and don't dwell in regrets from the past because they don't make good friends with anyone. Live in the moment, try to make everyday you're living the best day ever. 
  6. Crying is no sign of weakness, it is just one of many ways human being expresses their feelings. But crying over the same thing all over again and again? Nah. 
  7. Write journals about your life, take photos and notes of your every day, you will appreciate it so much in the future and you will be thanking yourself for it. 
  8. There is no such thing as a dream too small or too big. No one reserves the rights to judge others' dreams. One of the things I hate hearing most is: "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough". Screw it, I don't need anyone to judge if my dreams are big enough or tell me what to do or how to dream. 
  9. One of the worst things you can do to a person is to judge them before even knowing them. Give new people time to let you know them more and after that, you're to judge which to do. It's either you like them, or feeling that it's best not to be anywhere near them. 
  10. Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should.  Sometimes there are a lot to consider, name it other people's feelings, and also most of the time.. common sense. 
  11. It is okay to sometimes be clueless about how life should be or where you should be heading in life, it's just another part of living and the longer you walk the path, you'll know which to head to. 
  12. Be responsible of your own health. Drink more water, don't overeat and if you can, exercise. Because when you fall sick, you'll be dragging people around you too by making them worry and putting them into more trouble by having to take care of you. 
  13. It's not easy, but try your best not to take things for granted, people too. Because most of the time, we just don't know what we have until we no longer do. 
  14. Anything can happen in a day, not to mention a year. Do things you wanted to because who might just know there might be no another "next time". 
  15. Change not because you've been told to, change because you want to. As much as you've been told to never change yourself because of anybody else, don't expect people to change for you too. People will only change for good, when they decided that they wanted to.
  16. There is always something good in everything, though we often just can't see it. That's why train your eyes and heart to look different points of view, you'll be able to see that sometimes a good thing about a super bad day is that the next day most probably will be a better day. 
  17. You don't always have to make right decisions. That's a relief, isn't it? Sometimes, well a lot of the times, people screw up, we make mistakes. But that's okay, mistakes are always there to teach you a few precious life lessons.
  18. Don't get into arguments with idiots (read: people with no common sense), it only makes you look more stupid than them.
  19. If there's anyone who's willing to accept and take you back no matter how much you have screwed up your life and theirs, that's what you call a family. 
  20. Life is too small to be lived only for yourself, find a way to contribute more in other people's life, especially those in needs. 
  21. The rules are pretty simple; don't treat people the way you don't want to be treated, and so goes the other way; don't expect people to do what you won't for them. 
  22. People react differently, just because it is not hard for you, doesn't mean that it is the same with other people.
  23. Be true to your own feeling, when you love someone, make sure they know it, through words or if it's too hard, then action it is - show them that you care.
  24. Parents were not born as parents, they also took time to learn how to be good parents and it wasn't an easy job for them too. Be more understanding and don't let them worry too much about you. Make them proud. 
  25. Anything in life happens by the grace of God, name it good times, name it difficulties or life struggles. Even on bad times there's always a chance to grow and learn to be stronger and to be better. Grace is not about what you did or who you are, but it's about who He is. What you do with your life is not the way you pay Him back because there's no way you'll be able to. How you live life is the way you react to the grace given, is it appropriate for you to live as all you wished when He has given you so much?

Baby AF On His Way

Another baby boy to welcome! After the last baby shower we held for Baby J (he's already here by the way, yay!), I just had another baby shower for my elder sister, Felly. We spent an afternoon having lunch together and playing some fun games. The thing I like most about baby showers like this is when I see the mom-to-be has the special glow in her face, showing that she's happy and excited about becoming a mother. Wishing Ci Felly safe and smooth delivery, hope that everything will go well and baby AF will come out healthy :)

The Abigails

Wasn't being too excited when my friends asked me to go to the orphanage with them, but turned out it has become one of the most memorable days I have spent so far this year. I thought we were the one who came to bless them with food, things and our time, but I was wrong, again. Instead I was the one who felt extremely blessed for being able to be there, to see smiles on those faces and spent some time with them, and I thanked God for it :)

Expecting Baby J

I thought I am considered old enough already when there were a lot of weddings to attend, but I definitely forgot baby showers which usually come not too long after weddings LOL. So here we go, my first baby shower ever! (Though, not technically mine LOL.) We planned to surprise Jane, le mom-to-be and I'm glad that we did it! It was a simple shower but I think what matter most was the mom (and dad) were happy, which left all of us happy too. Can't wait to meet Baby J (a.k.a 阿钱) and hold him soon #ExcitedAuntieToBe :))


This will probably sound weird (or not) but I am really not the type of person who gets homesick easily... until the time that I really got home already. When I am on my regular working days, I wouldn't really think about going home or any homesick thing but.. usually two or three days before leaving home and have to be back to Jakarta, I would feel very sad and really not wanting to go LOL.

And that was what happened too last time. I spent the last two days having trouble sleeping and had my mind wandering everywhere I couldn't even catch up with myself (or maybe it's just because of the amount of tea I drank). But yeah, I thought about a lot of things, especially about life and what I wanted to do next. Pretty serious huh?

Anyway, I just wanted to share that I was so happy that the last Lebaran holiday was really well-spent! It was a 9 days work break and I managed to spend almost all the time with my dear family at home and I was really really thankful for it. There were also times where I got to reunite with high school friends and also childhood friends (we've been friends for almost 20 years!). And also, Pekanbaru got a lot of new cool places already!

Now I am back already at my office desk and just doing my thing, but it's okay. I just hope that it won't be too long before I will be back to le home city again and gather with my family to spend more time with them. At the moment I do think that is what matters most to me :)

The Long Walks - 2016 Singapore Photo Diary

Tell me guys, do you find it weird if I told you I had never been to Singapore before? Because a lot of my friends did say so. Well, technically I went to Singapore once, but it was when I took the transit during my last business trip to China. At least I breathed the Singapore air for a few hours, right? Alright, whatever Sas. But worry no more guys, because now I officially HAVE been to Singapore #proud #insertclappingemojihere.

Taking our Uber rides to the airport on one early Saturday morning, me and my company for two days, Agustine (a.k.a GOGI mate), were ready to start our weekend getaway! The night before, we still had no idea on where to go because I was too sleepy to do the planning, so we did our itinerary 1 hour before the flight, deciding on which places to visit on the first day. 

Since the time was pretty short, I knew that I was going to skip USS or Sentosa and wanting to go to some places less "mainstream", though ended up knowing that actually there is no such place in Singapore which is not mainstream LOL.

We picked Singapore Botanic Gardens as our first stop. I really wanted to go there because of some recommendations I saw on the internet saying that it was one of the "must-visit" in Singapore but strangely never heard of it.

Gladly saying that it was a perfect decision going there because I loved that place! The first thing to love was that you don't have to pay for the admission fee (unless you wanted to get into the orchid garden), the next thing to love was of course, the scenery! I think this place would be a perfect place to do some morning jog, evening stroll or for some fancy picnic with your loved ones. Highly recommending this place! PS. I skipped the orchid garden being a cheapo that I was am.

Based on a colleague's recommendation (thank you Joy!) we headed right to Tiong Bahru to try on (probably) one of the "hippest" bakery on the area, Plain Vanilla Bakery. Their cupcakes were pretty good and the ambience was really niceeee. Near the bakery, you'll also find some cute book stores around.

The next destination was Haji Lane. I'll have to honestly say that I really didn't get the hype of this place. I came with an expectation that it was some cool place with some good spots to take photos, but I personally think this place I went to when I was in Beijing was way more "Instagram-genic" (if you know what I'm saying) but well, these are some shots that I took.

Spent the rest of the first day going to Orchard Road because Agustine was getting some new kicks for herself and then heading to Clarke Quay just for doing some night strolling before heading back to our staying hostel. I have to tell you that for just this first day we had walked for 27,000+ steps and my legs were killing me until the point that I couldn't even sleep because I was way too tired LOL.

Blame it to the walking on the first day, I couldn't even walk properly on the second day and that was also the reason why we didn't manage to go to too many places since my leg couldn't afford too many steps anymore. But as the first destination of the day, we went to Singapore Art Museum and the on-going exhibit was Odyssey; Navigating Nameless Sea. I think it was my first time ever visiting an art museum and overall I was really enjoying the experience. Not too much photos of the art exhibition because we were prohibited to take photos inside the gallery. By the way, the tiles in this museum were love!

After museum, we headed to Gardens by The Bay just to have a quick look and my opinion was I really like Botanic Garden more. Don't get me wrong, I admit that GBTB was awesome in its very own way but I preferred the classic-styled park more than the modern looking garden. Maybe the reason I wasn't really enjoying it because I haven't seen the best part of the garden for I'm not paying the SGD 28 entrance fee, but at least I can now tell people that I have been there, right? LOL.

Well, those were pretty much the places we managed to visit on my first ever trip to Singapore. I was really enjoying this trip though it was quite tiring for the crazy walks (we walked total 45,000++ steps for two days!!) but those were really fun days I got to spent. The next thing I realized was how crazy expensive it was to buy things at Singapore it kinda scared me but overall it was really one memorable trip.

At last, I wanted to thank my travel-mate for two days (not sure if she's gonna read this anyway though LOL). Thank you Belly for the awesome trip, thank you for not bailing out even though I annoy you a lot with my cold jokes and unending complains about how my feet hurt LOL. Even when you said that you will not want to take any more trip with me anymore in the future, but I will make you no matter what, you can't escape me HAHAHA. But I promise you next time we sleep in a better place lah ;)

Here are some bonus pictures for you, guys. If you haven't known yet, there's this super beautiful cactus garden inside Changi Airport and the plants were sooo cute I can't even! This garden goes right to my future home garden goal list.