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2016 Yogyakarta Photo Diary

Yay, home girl is back to the blog! I got excited every time I click on the "Create New Post" button because it just makes me happy to finally write something again. So last week on the long weekend holidays, I went on a short vacation trip with two of my good sisters, Fanny and Meishia to Yogyakarta. I personally had never been to Jogja before so I was pretty excited and we have been planning this trip from a few months before.

We planned to take the train to Jogja but unfortunately we ran out of the tickets even on the first day the tickets were available on sale, what a shame right! But since we booked our hotel rooms and also the return flights already, we had no other choice but to book the super expensive flight. Well, guess that's the price you gotta pay for a vacation on public holidays.

Our early flight was on time and we arrived at Yogyakarta on 7 AM after a short hour trip from Jakarta, and our first destination was.. Kalibiru! It took us around 1 hour from the city of Yogyakarta by car, thank you to the easy traffic. This place was pretty popular in Instagram and just as expected, the view up there was amazing. Too bad that we have to queue for another 2 hours if we wanted to take photos on the "photo stage", so we decided to skip it.

Basically our plan for the first day was to hop around Candi Prambanan and also Ratu Boko, but our driver kindly took us around to another small candi named Candi Sambisari, so since we had a pretty flexible itinerary, we stopped by and took a few shots there before leaving to Prambanan.

We bought the entrance ticket package to Prambanan and Ratu Boko for IDR 50,000/person (for local tourists) and I thought it was super worth it, because if you enter Ratu Boko after 3 PM, you're gonna be charged IDR 110,000 per person just for the sunset view! So if there's any of you who plans to go to Prambanan any time soon, go with the package!

The sad news was we didn't manage to catch the sunset at Ratu Boko because it was too cloudy that day but the good thing was we decided not to wait for the sunset because later I saw on Instagram that no one actually posted any sunset pictures there #SOMUCHWIN :))

That basically summed up our first day at Yogyakarta. For dinner, we had some meals at Abhayagiri but I really didn't think it was the best experience so I wouldn't recommend the place. Later at night we ordered our Ayam Geprek Bu Rum with Gojek, thank you Mas Gojek!

The plan for day two was pretty simple, we just wanted to stroll around the mainstream tourist spots in Jogja like Kraton, Taman Sari, Malioboro and Alun-Alun. All the places were sooooo packed up I didn't even bother to take too many pictures anymore. The good thing was we stopped by at a very cute cafe called NOX Coffee where they served some seriously cute (but still taste decent) cakes. You guys should definitely give them a visit if you guys happen to be at Jogja.

Best part of the day was probably when we took the odong-odong around Alun-Alun, it was too fun and cute, we definitely had fun that time! We were also back early that day because we were about to catch super early sunrise at Borobudur the next day.

Now, ladies and gentlemen. To the best views from our this trip, the mighty Borobudur sunrise! I felt like the price we were paying and waking up at 2 AM were all sooo worth it, definitely one that I would call the adventures of a lifetime LOL. Also happened to bump into the Sabrani siblings, Aldo and Deli, it was really surprising suddenly hearing someone calling my name in a place like that LOL. Here here, have a look at the photos!

After Borobudur, we got back to the hotel and prepared ourselves for the return flight because we were going back to one of our good friend's wedding, so yeah it was quite a short trip but it was so much fun! Really really looking forward for the next vacation trip (PS. which is soon!) :)