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Twenty Six and Proud

Unlike last year where I prepared a super long post even way long before my 25th birthday, this year I didn't really have the intention to do so. As what I said on one of my last Instagram posts, this has yet to be the most unprepared yet the most prepared birthday I have ever had. You'll soon find out why.

What I normally did on days before my birthday was to give myself a good 'reflection session' on what I have learned and how if by any chance my life had experienced any major changes throughout the year, so I could have them written on this blog. But apparently, this has become a rare event due to my pretty hectic schedule, especially since this new semester started. I didn't even have the time to worry about getting older or anything, because all I cared about was getting my to-do lists done. Can't really say that it's a bad thing since at least I didn't have to go through those gloomy days just because I used to hate the idea of turning another year older.

At the other hand, I was fully prepared for this birthday since I took care of my own birthday cake, where I ordered it a week before and picked it up myself (because in this family, usually I was the one who was in charge of anyone's birthday cakes, so I guess that includes mine too LOL). The plus side was I got to choose the design that I wanted and for this year I requested to have it made simple and I really love the way it turned at the end so this got to be one of my most favorite birthday cakes ever!

Now let's talk about how I passed the day, shall we? First thing to be grateful for was.. it was a public holiday so I assumed that the first present I received was a day-off to rest. REALLY REALLY THANKFUL for that, God knew just how much I needed it. Took my brother and sister to a two-hours KTV session at the afternoon and I had fun too since it's been pretty long since the last time I went on a karaoke, especially with them siblings.

Came home from the karaoke and found out my friends' cars parked outside my house, really couldn't be more thankful to have people who cared for you and willing to spare time just to brighten up your day, don't you agree? If you guys are reading this, thank you, really thank you :')

Oh, this also was the first time I celebrated birthday at home after quite some time, the last one I think was 4 years ago when I turned 22 (man, time flies!). Our family ritual on birthdays was to go on a 'special' dinner together (actually it's a normal dinner lah, just in purpose of celebrating birthday LOL), so we did so and after that got home then.. family photo session!

At this 'official' age of 26, I'm actually quite happy about the way I react to birthdays. I no longer see it as something so terrifying, scary or even too exciting. No more freaking out about turning 'old', no more feeling sad because some people whom I expected to remember didn't do, because I realized that birthday is actually just another normal day. But of course, it's a good reminder on how God has delivered us through another year of blessings :)

There's nothing much on my birthday wish list, but I do wish for my existence to always bring more positive impact to others, I pray that though I am (still and will always be) far from perfect, that would not be an obstacle for God to use me to share blessings with more people. Hopefully this wouldn't be too much to ask.

What future may bring can always remain mystery, but with such big God who's able to do anything and has never failed to show his great love, I think we're pretty safe to say that I have nothing to worry about. So I guess.. let's rock on twenty six?

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