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On Bullet Journaling & How It Has Changed My (Planning) Life

When I decided to take a break from Instagram on last September, I had some more of my time spent on Youtube (which I wouldn't call an achievement LOL). But on one random day, this video showed up on one of the recommendation tabs and I didn't know why but I decided to have a good look at it.

My first reaction when I watched it was, "Why in the world did I not discover this earlier!". My closest friends will know already that I am an agenda/planner freak who would not hesitate to spend money on planner related things since I see them as life 'investments'. So seeing things like this for me is like a kid seeing a supermarket hall full of his favorite candies, oh the excitement!

After the video, I spent quite a lot of time browsing about bullet journal, how to start it, and I must say that I think it's some time worth spent! The next thing I did was ordering my first bullet journal and couldn't wait to start my very own.

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One thing that almost everyone says about starting a bullet journal was to start it simple. So I took the advice and told myself to not try too hard to make my first journal super fancy looking on the beginning. After I got the hang out of it, I understand why they tell us to start it simple; because it is meant to be simple, to make your life easier, not try to make you even busier trying decorate it to look super fancy like what you see on Instagram or Pinterest (because really, some people's bullet journal decorating skill were just crazy good man, it's actually pretty hard not to get intimidated). But after all, bullet journal is not about a pretty journal, it's about a system that actually works!

So after around 3 months of my bullet journal attempt, I have a conclusion that.. I freaking love this bullet journal system and I don't think I'm going back to buying expensive planners ever again (well, hopefully LOL). If you're curious why I could say so, here are some of my personal reasons why I am low-key obsessed with my bullet journal and why I flipped through it more than 100 times a day:

1. I am an old soul who love classic old school handwritten-anything.
A lot of people are more into planner app and stuff but I've always been that boring person who loves to keep an agenda and writes about some insignificant details of my day (that no one would even bother to know). So if you're a #teamoldschool person like me, I bet you'll love bullet journaling too!

2. It doesn't necessarily needs to be expensive.
This is why I went with my MUJI notebook that didn't do harm to my wallet and it works perfectly fine! I see a lot of other people also use normal notebooks and the system works just as good. I used to be so faithful to my all time favorite ban.do agenda but sorry ban.do, I think we should part our ways.

3. Customizable and fuzz-free.
Though I love my old agenda, but the thing is that I'd have to stick on what they have provided me. Okay, I know they're pretty but I just couldn't do anything to the system. And the good thing about bullet journal is it lets me do whatever I wanted to and get rid what I didn't like. For an example, I realized I'm not really a big fan of monthly grid planner (because there's just too many blank spaces and decorating them is quite troublesome) and bullet journal introduced me to a more simple list-styled planner, which I happened to love a lot more and there are just too many other styles that we could still explore. Okay, the point is: you like it, you keep it; you hate it, you find other ways, as simple as that.

4. You don't have to make it fancy (but you can, if you want to).
The original idea of the bullet journal system was about rapid-logging, where you use certain keys/symbols to help you organize things. So, all you need was actually just a notebook and a pen and that's it. So I do think that this system is for everyone, even if you can't draw or aren't good in (or don't even want to bother about) decorating. But since I prefer mine to be a bit fancier (though I can't really really can't draw, my friend), I tried to do some small doodles here and there, which brings me to my next point...

5. It pushes me to be more creative.
Just like anyone else, I like everything pretty. But the problem is.. I can't say that I'm good in creating something that is pretty. But bullet journaling has motivated me to do some extra effort to make my journal a bit more presentable (though I don't really present it to anyone LOL). So far I've been enjoying the process and hopefully I'll be able to stick to it and maybe be better in it?

6. Start it any time of the year!
Don't you hate it when you decide to start a new agenda at some time of the year and all agendas available at stores are for 12 months then you feel like you'll waste some pages of the month that has passed if you buy it? This wouldn't be a problem in bullet journal system since you literally can start it any time you want, no need to wait for another month to begin, or even another year. You can start tomorrow right away, if you want to.

7. It is kinda therapeutic.
Maybe it's just me but I felt like spending one or two hours on the journal kinda brought me peace and make me feel at ease. It's good to be occupied for a few hours and I think the results are pretty satisfying (though what I tried to doodle or what didn't always end up looking good LOL).

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This system has also motivated me to be more productive in doing my tasks since I'm so pumped up to make sure that I marked my to-do lists as done. So, since the year is going to end soon and there is another new year coming, I'm sharing this good thing so you can add up another options to your planning system.

So, if you share the same excitement as I did when I first know about bullet journal system, besides some of the websites that I have linked, I have a few recommendations on people who have done nothing but right on bullet journaling. One of the most popular website on BuJo (yeah that's how we call our best friend) world is Boho Berry but my personal favorites are AmandaRachLee and MyLifeinaBullet, I literally copied a lot of their spreads because all so pretty one who can tahan!

Alright, I think I'm done with my blabbering and hopefully this post can somehow be useful to any of you who are reading. Thank you for reading and bhay!

All photos were taken by @stephjulius at @homeworkits, thank you big much!