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A Weekend to Remember

Let's take a brief break from the traveling posts and talk about something else, shall we? Last weekend so far has been one of the most memorable days of the year beginning, because I got to spend it with people I am really fond of.

Me and the kiddos have been planning to do a gift exchange since the beginning of December but we never had the time to sit and have some proper meal together since all of the members were busy traveling here and there during the holiday season.

BUT last Saturday we finally managed to find a good time (before another one flew again the next day) and I was definitely having the time of my life. These people are the the craziest one to hang out with and there was always something to laugh at (even when there's really nothing to laugh at).

*will be happily third-wheeling these two forever*
The gift exchange went well and every one seemed to be happy with what they got. We spent the rest of the time taking a lot of pictures the waiters probably were sick enough of it. But I remembered I went home with a joyful heart that night and I am thankful for it :)

Another important moment to cherish was le Amah's 81st birthday. She has been in town for several weeks now and I am very much enjoying her company here. We bought her a simple cake and took her for a Thai dinner that I hoped she enjoyed as much (if not more) as I did.

I really think that the first two weeks of this year has been very well spent and hopefully it would be a good way to start the year with a heart that is filled with thankfulness. And I'm also praying that this smile that I have been wearing will make a good friend for me throughout the year, in every circumstance :)

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