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2019 Untold

Surprised to see me here, weren't ya? Even I didn't expect that I'll be back writing here after a whole 1.5 years being gone. I think it was the longest where I didn't post anything here even now typing all these feels awkward since I haven't been doing this for so long.

Well, just so you know I did have a plan of writing here a few months ago, a plan to write about the long gone twenty-nineteen. But I decided to not give it a go after realizing that all that I would be writing was about my so-called 'love-life' LOL and I didn't want to seem that 'bucin', ya know? But after another few months passed, there's this thought that told me it's better to write things down since I haven't skipped any year of the yearly recaps so it might be not too late to do another one before I skipped too many years and God knows when I would start again.

1. He Gave Me A Ring
As 'bucin' as this might sound, I had always known that I wanted and would be marrying this guy and we had been talking about all the wedding preparations so I didn't quite expect him to get me a ring since I thought it might be too much of a trouble and spending for him. But can't say I wasn't happy to get one :)) It wasn't that kinda romantic proposals you see online, but it was enough. He planned to pop the Q at my house gate where I used to 'reject' him back in the days (I didn't even remember that) but after I let him in, I rushed back to the house since I was up for something. It was quite a funny story.

2. Shopping Trip to KL
Mom took me and sis to KL for some shopping that I couldn't say no to. It was a fun few days spent we had good food and spent some good time together. And it was the last trip I got to spend with them only girls before I got married.

3. Our First Trip Together
It was the very first time I got to go on a trip for just the two of us. We went to Medan and spent a day there before heading to Siantar for him to meet the big family.

4. The 'Offer'
Some opportunity came to me and it was what people would call a big one. But I had to say no to it since I knew I wouldn't be able to do it properly at that time. Still, it was quite an honor for me to receive such offer.

5. All The Wedding Preparations
Actually all this post would be about probably was at this point. I could break this into so many numbers. From the pre-wedding shoot that took place in May, our sangjit on July, houses renovations, and many other things that were wedding-related. But I'd better not bore you with all that, right?

6. Japan Cruise Trip
Me and family boarded on a week cruise trip, starting from Hong Kong, made some stops at Japan Naha and Miyakojima. At first, I bet that I would be bored to death, having to spend a week on a big ship without any internet connection, but I found myself not wanting to leave on the last day.  It was really a relaxing trip where you disconnect from the world but you connect to yourself and where your tummy connects to any-time-buffet LOL. Definitely would want to go on another cruise trip if I have the chance to!

7. Penang & Hatyai Trip With Agustine
You wouldn't have expected that when a sanguine went on a trip with a total phlegmatic it would be so much fun. I always knew that Agustine is a great person to travel with since we went on a trip to Singapore together before and our this trip was a great one too. Wondering if we will have another chance to do the same thing again. Ah, should've blogged about the whole trip, though. 

8. VIBES' Birthday Celebration
We always had a get-together every September and last year it was a (not-so) surprise one held at Mc Donald's just like kids' birthday parties. The funny thing was I actually planned to do the gathering there before knowing that it was actually happening. Anyway, it's never a dull time when it comes to spending time with these people.

9. The Surprise Shower
In my own opinion, the best part of the wedding wasn't the occasion, but the chance to see all the loved ones that you know cared a lot about you. I was really really happy and feeling blessed that all these people made the effort to do all these things for us. As I had always said, I never knew what I did good to deserve such loving community and good people in my life. But, I too would never forget how awful my sister's acting was LOLOLOL. Seriously though guys, you are all the best #crossmyheart.

10. The Wedding (Of Course)
Yeah, couldn't not include this one on the list. But truthfully, after it was all done, I was just glad that the day was gone and the fact that we only had to do wedding once in a lifetime, just because a wedding is that tiring, guys (not talking about the whole marriage thing here yaa). But I did learn that a wedding would be troublesome just as much as you let it be. I personally believed a wedding celebration was not the most important thing so I tried my best not to sweat too much on things that probably wouldn't matter that much in the future. Maybe that's how I got so calm even when knowing our decoration vendor backed off just like that on the day of the event after doing not even half of what he promised he would do. Yeah, it's that crazy, guys. But, all is well, all is well.

11. The Honey And The Moon
I mean honeymoon trip lar LOL. We picked Bali for two main reasons: one, we got cheap tickets (approximately IDR 3,000,000 for two people I believed, it was really cheap). Two, he had never been there. And as the conclusion, he said he didn't want to be back again since Bali was too hot! LOL.

12. One of The Businesses Closed
Some things just don't always work like what you wished for. We had two outlets for the business we built had to close because ya things just didn't work out. But I took it as a learning opportunity and hopefully better ones will come in the future.

13. We Got Pregnant
If you're thinking it was a Bali baby, no, it wasn't LOL. We did plan for it to be a Bali baby, but again, things doesn't always work the way you wanted, right? It was funny how one day you found out that you were pregnant and suddenly you know that your whole life would never be the same anymore. Well, at least that was what I felt. Spent the next months dealing with nausea and night-sickness but thankfully not for too long. Planned to blog more about the pregnancy journey, but we'll see, can't promise LOL. At the end of the day, I remained thankful that the Lord has trusted us with such a blessing and hopefully I'll be just good enough to be a good mother.

2019 had been such a journey, hadn't it? I felt like it was gone for so fast but I was nothing but feeling blessed. Blessed that God had blessed me with so much blessings. Ones that I was never sure that I am even worthy of. But it really wasn't about me, it was him who's always been kind, and will always remain so because it's just the way he is.

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