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What's With 2020?

Don't we all agree that 2020 was such a weird year? Bet all you have never spent so much time at home all your life before last year, have you? Now, if I had to explain my year in a sentence, I think it would be: being pregnant in the first half of the year and taking care of a newborn in the last half.

But what fun would it bring if I was gonna end the post here, right? So that's why I'll try to be a bit more creative and come up with another year in a review post. Glad that I haven't missed any since 2012. Let's hope this lasts!

1. Our First Car

It was quite a spontaneous decision, since I didn't really expect us to get a new (used) car so soon. Apparently the old owner was one of my students' parent and they kindly gave us another price cut. Thankfully the whole process was quite smooth and just like that we got our little family our own ride.

2. Finding Out Baby's Gender

On CNY holiday, all the big family gathered together (by big, I meant really big) and they decided to place a bet about the baby's gender. I bet on boy, W bet on girl and the father ended up being the right one. Regardless, I was so happy to finally have found out about it.

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3. Sister-in-law's Wedding

It was a big event for the family. I was happy to see her finally walk the aisle with the love of her life. Not too long after, she got pregnant with a baby boy too. It was exciting to know that Kylee would be having another same age brother to play with.

4. The Corona Attack

At first I thought this pandemic would only last for a couple of months, but boy you know I was wrong. It has changed the whole world's habit, even schools and churches were closed for public. Never once in my life I thought that this would have happened. But anyway, it's a miracle that we're all still here being healthy and living. Really can't take it for granted.

5. Days at Home

Since the school was closed, us teachers started working from home. Ever since, I never really got to get out of the house. Starting from March to December, I think it's safe to say that I spent 95% of it home. I somehow felt like the days started going to blur ever since I started spending them at home. I even lost count at the numbers of K-dramas I have watched just to spend my time.

6. At Home Maternity Shoot

A good friend of ours, Yongki, super kind-heartedly accepted our request to help us take some maternity pictures. Though the concept was simple, the results turned out really nicely and I really loved them. Surely will cherish them as good memories (just in case it would be the first and the last time I took this kind of pictures LOL).

7. We Finally Met K

One of the craziest but probably the happiest day of my life too. Glad to finally have her in our arms after carrying her and being curious about how she would look like. And the starting point where our phones were filled with all her pictures.

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8. Confinement

That one month period wouldn't be so hard if I got to wash my hair. But one fact that I discovered after the confinement was: lepek 2 hari sama lepek seminggu sama aja bund. LOL I think it's just that I got used to the oily hair. Otherwise, I love the food and wouldn't mind having them again. But maybe it's because my MIL was really great at cooking them.

9. Postpartum

Learning how to mother surely isn't an easy task. I was so thankful that I got a lot of help from those around me, but even with all of that I still couldn't win the hormones. It even brought me even more down because my mind kept telling myself that I didn't deserve to feel tired for all the help that I've been getting. There was this one night where I broke down and cried my heart out in front of W. But thankfully after that, it did feel better. Sometimes a good cry does help, after all.

10. Pumping Days

Since I didn't succeed at direct breastfeeding, I decided to become an exclusive pumping mom. No, it's not that I was an idealist who believed that a newborn should only be fed with breastmilk, but it's that when I found out how much formula costs, I was really shocked and that was when I was determined to start pumping every 2 hours. From 40 ml each pump to now almost 400 ml each surely was a long and tiring journey, but I'm glad that I have made it this far. I still pump now, but it is now once every 6 hours already. So, it has gotten a lot less tiring, thankfully.

11. My Business Failed

The business that I once started with some of my friends didn't work out like we expected it to. Maybe it's because I'm not really good at it, or maybe I didn't put enough effort, or maybe it's something else. Still, it's a good lesson for the future. I will not be afraid to try again, if I get the chance to.

12. Turning 29

Spending the day with a simple celebration with the family, some co-workers sent me some donuts too. They were all more than enough to make me feel thankful. Just thankful for everything.

13. Brother-in-law's Getting Married..

With a good friend of mine! It was a funny story since I was the one who introduced both of them, and I never imagined that we would finally end up as a (real) family (I introduced them before W and I got back together). It's really amazing how unpredictable life is, isn't it?

14. I Got Back to Work

After almost half a year of a break, I was finally be told to get back to work. I had mixed feeling about it since I was quite sad to be leaving Kylee at home while I was working, but at the other hand I still needed the money to continue living LOL. I was worried that I wouldn't get the hang of it, but thankfully I did just fine.

Whoa, I didn't expect it to be so long of a list. It was surely a year to remember. Other than those on the list, my days were mostly filled by baby's first this and baby's first that. It's always exciting and fascinating to watch how a baby learn to do things from zero and I can't wait to see more of what's coming.

It's almost a month since 2021 started and I had this feeling that the year will not be that much of a difference with the last one but I still wanted to stay positive and pray for the best. After all, God's the one who's in control, right?

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